Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eskrima Workshop Held to Conclude UP Cebu PE Classes By: James U. Sy Jr.

The Filipino Martial Arts Eskrima workshop was successfully conducted by Dan Ritchell Guba and Cesario Perez through the efforts of the Physical Education Department of the University of the Philippines Visayas Cebu College last September 26, 2009 at the Arts and Sciences lobby, UP Visayas Cebu College, Cebu as the culminating activity of all the PE 2 Arnis classes of Lovelyn Hontiveros and Junius Bryan Palermo.

The workshop instructors gave demonstrations before starting the seminar. Perez was a gold medal in last year's Arnis competition at the Ayala Center Cebu.

The workshop covered Arnis footwork, striking, and blocking techniques. The participants were awarded certificates after the seminar. An Arnis team is expected to be formed in the UP Cebu campus by next semester.

BASSDUMAS Conducts Promo Exams By: James U. Sy Jr.

Hon. Councilor Renel Garcia making his inspirational message.

Conclusion of one of the bouts.

Master Romeo G. Banas (left) receiving his certificate of appreciation from Hon. Councilor Renel Garcia (center) and Founder/Chief Instructor Ian B. Negrido.

Hon. Councilor Renel Garcia (left) receiving his certificate of appreciation from Master Romeo G. Banas (center) and Founder/Chief Instructor Ian B. Negrido.

Group picture of the Bassdumas (Baston Sipa Sumbag Dumog Martial Arts Society)

The Talisay City-based Bassdumas (Baston Sipa Sumbag Dumog Martial Arts Society) of Founder/Chief Instructor Ian B. Negrido with the generous sponsorship of Hon. Mayor Dr. Eric M. Saratan and under the sanction of the Victorias City-based Red Musang Self Defense Combat Sports of Master Romeo G. Banas successfully held its rank promotional examination last September 27, 2009 at the Talisay City Sports and Cultural Center, Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

Representing Hon. Mayor Saratan was Hon. Councilor Renel Garcia who gave the inspirational speech for the event. Garcia reminded the youth that the purpose of their training was to develop self confidence, discipline, righteousness, and the ability to protect one self and loved ones as a last resort. He congratulated the examinees for their dedication to the arts and wished them luck on their hands-on examination.

A total of 9 Kickboxing-style armored sparring bouts were held to put to the test the techniques that the students have learned in their training. Protective gears worn include chest protectors and gloves.

Master Romeo G. Banas of Red Musang Self Defense Combat Sports, 7th Degree Red Belt, was Chief Examiner. Judges for the bouts were Founder/Chief Instructor Ian B. of Negrido of Bassdumas Combat Sports, 5th Degree Black Belt; Talisay City Boxing Trainor Jandell E. Martir of Bassdumas Combat Sports, 2nd Degree Black Belt; another student of Negrido; and guest, Founder/Master James U. Sy Jr. of Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc., 4th Degree FTSD/PDA/LVA.

RESULTS. Jeho Tibaba of Talisay over Jason Celestial of Bacolod. Rodnik Kasuncad of Katilingban, Talisay over Ariel Canapit of Zone 12-A. Elbert Cablara of Katilingban, Talisay over Jaylor Legaspi of Bacolod. Emilio Lazona of Katilingban, Talisay over Jonel Tilad of Hinigaran. John Vicente Tirthdas over Edwin Atunducan of Katilingban, Talisay. Roldan Arangko of Katilingban, Talisay over Jomel Bacalso of Sagay. Lolibert Cabatuan of Brgy. Zone 12-A over Rowel Tilad of Hinoba-an. Jun-Jun Lozarito of Katilingban, Talisay over Joseph Garcia of Bacolod. Jerold Cablara of Katilingban, Talisay over Jovenier Montemayo of Hinoba-an.

Those promoted were Edwin Atunducan, Roldan Arangko, Jomel Bacalso, Lolibert Cabatuan, Ariel Canapit, Elbert Cablara, Jerold Cablara, Jason Celestial, Joseph Garcia, Rodnik Kasuncad, Emilio Lazona, Jaylor Legaspi, Jun-Jun Lozarito, Dennis James Miralles, Dyle francis Miralles, Jovenier Montemayor, Christian Negrido, Jonifer Ramos, Mars Rosendo, Mommy Ruiz, Eduardo Silinap, Gerald Tibaba, Jeho Tibaba, Jonel Tilad, Rowel Tilad, and Ronnie Villahermosa (Green Belt), John Vicente Tirthdas (Black Belt), and Engr. Edgar Beduyas and Jandell E. Martir (2nd Degree Black Belt).

Negrido, who is a student of Master Banas, was very grateful to Mayor Saratan for his generous support to the event, “This means much to us because through the martial arts we are able to guide the students to the path of personal development and away from vices such as alcoholism, smoking, drugs, gambling, etc.” Negrido is the Provincial Training Director for

Master Banas is a student of Grandmaster Julius B. Delasan, 9th Degree Red Belt, Founder of Zion Original Disciples in Arnis and Combat Sports (ZODIACS) Philippines (SEC Reg. No. CN200725845). Master Banas is the Founder of the Victorias City-based Red Musang Self Defense Combat Sports.

GM Delasan learned Adino Eznite from Grandmaster Dionision Valencia way back in 1957 in UP Los BaƱos. His training mates were Col. Meliton Geronimo, Julius B. Delasan, and Capt. Emma Henry. Adino Eznite is an eclectic form of martial arts which combines the best aspects of several established systems such as Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Arnis, etc.

Master Banas serves as Deputy National Vice President and Region 6 Training Director of ZODIACS Philippines. Master Banas was originally from Zamboanga del Norte but immigrated to Negros in 1987 where he started teaching in 1990. By 1993, he already had 5,000 students all over Negros.

Last July 12, 2009, Bassdumas (Baston Sipa Sumbag Dumog Martial Arts Society) Combat Sports held its graduation ceremonies for 12 Brgy. Public Safety Officers (Brgy. Tanod) of Brgy. Alicante who satisfactorily completed the Advanced Training in Survival: Defensive Tactics Against Bladed and Impact Weapons and Handcuffing Procedures in Accosting and Arresting at the Public Plaza, Brgy. Alicante, Municipality of E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental.