Thursday, September 18, 2014

Metrodome Helps Fire Victims by James U. Sy Jr.

Metrodome Entertainment Mall and its tenants and their employees as well as customers pooled their resources together and organized a charity event for the benefit of the 94 households that were affected by the huge fire that hit Purok Katilingban, Brgy 39, Bacolod City last September 2, 2014 (Flor Momo-Somcio photo). The management of Metrodome Entertainment Mall with the cooperation of all its tenants and their employees as well as customers pooled their resources together and organized a charity event for the benefit of the 94 households that were affected by the huge fire that hit Purok Katilingban, Brgy 39, Bacolod City last September 2, 2014. The philanthropic work was held on September 5, 2014, 10:30 AM, at the Brgy 39 Gym. The outreach consisted of a feeding program, where arroz caldo, bihon, bread, and juice drinks were given to the affected families; games for the children; and the distribution of 94 packs of relief goods which included clothing, 1 kilo rice, and grocery items. Sponsors of the charity work were CP Tyne Consultancy Management, e-Bingo, Fireworks Bar, Jojo Vito Prints & Pieces, Metro Bazaar tenants, O’Fisher Spa & Wellness Center, Offshore Bar, Philippine Call Center Institute (PCCI), Psalmstre Enterprises, Remnant School, and customers Mark Vargas and John Calumpiano.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Gimotea Rules COS it’s all PLAY III by: James U. Sy Jr.

Some of the participating cosplayers before the start of the COSPLAY Parade organized and presented by SASinc. Entertainment under Manager Ritchie Vargas recently at the SM City Bacolod Food Court. The event was attended by 39 cosplayers from different schools (James U. Sy Jr./CMAS photo). Bea Alyzza Gimotea, cosplaying as Lightning Farron, was declared the grand winner of the COS it’s all PLAY: Third Encounter, presented by SASinc. Entertainment under Manager Ritchie Vargas, last August 30, 2014 at the Food Court, SM City Bacolod. A total of 11 cosplayers competeted in the said event. Special awards were also given to six other cosplayers, namely Ma. Cristina “Tin-Tin” Aguilar as Lili of Tekken 6, Hercz Drake Arsenio as Optimus Prime, Axel Leopold Olavia as the Birdman, Jiro Yoshimura as Pyramid Head, and Gwenneth Luzuriaga as Tinker Bell. As a prelude to the competition proper, the COSPLAY Parade was held by SASinc. Entertainment last August 17, 2014 also at the Food Court, with the participation of a total of 39 cosplayers portraying different anime, movie, video game, cartoon, superhero, and manga characters and coming from different schools like UNO-R, University of St. La Salle, and St. John’s Institute. Competitors at the COS it’s all PLAY: Third Encounter were given 1-2 minutes to best portray the character they were representing and they were judged on the following criteria: craftsmanship (40%), accuracy of costume (30%), stage portrayal (20%), and audience impact (10%).

Culture Nurture - @ 17: BCC “Pag-asa sang Kabuhi Ko” by: James U. Sy Jr.

Culture Nurture - @ 17: BCC “Pag-asa sang Kabuhi Ko” by: James U. Sy Jr. The last time we had a faculty and staff meeting together with student leaders, the question, “What does Bacolod City College (BCC) mean to you” was asked of us. Several answers were forwarded, all of which were eloquent elucidations of the school’s core values; one stood out from the rest and was made the official theme for the 17th Foundation celebration of the college this September 2-8, 2014 - BCC “Pag-asa sang Kabuhi Ko.” BCC “Pag-asa sang Kabuhi Ko” is a very straight forward declaration, so simple in fact that it gives the best view of what Bacolod City College (BCC) stands for and for whom it was established. BCC was established at a time when teens from poverty-stricken families had a dim hope of going to college to fully equip themselves in facing the challenges of life. There was no institution of higher education run by the city government. It was in this absence of hope that BCC ignited a small spark that would slowly, but continuously, bring light to an otherwise dark future for thousands of Bacoleños, and to a much lesser extent to the youth outside of the capital. That small flame went against the strong winds of fate, refusing to die down, regardless of the odds. The birth and the infancy of Bacolod City College (BCC) was never an easy one. The four pioneer teachers - Engr. Valentino Argel, Engr. Medel Hongo, Rosalia “Rose” Lorilla, and Engr. Judith Simeon - narrated how, like Joseph and Mary, they were sent away many times but still managed to hold classes wherever and whenever they can “squat.” BCC started out with no classroom of its own, more so a building to call its own. Despite this, the teachers endured and persevered, which gave inspiration to youngsters struggling to prepare for a brighter future. The pioneer batches of BCC students held classes at ETCS, Bacolod City National High School (BCNHS), at the entrance grounds of Rizal Elementary School, and even at the second floor of the Villamonte Public Market. Sometimes classrooms were locked, forcing the poor teens to have classes in the nakedness of nature. Sometimes the desks were pushed to the sides with a note on the blackboard, “Don’t move the desks.” The pioneer students had to sit on the floor, and even lie pronated when writing. Classes at the public market were even a bigger challenge, as the smell of food being cooked and the noise of the early karaoke marathons distracted students. It was during these early days when the will of both teachers and students were tested. Things started to change when BCC’s charter President Dr. Norma M. Juarez-Roque represented the community college at the City Development Council for a P5 million grant for the construction of the Sum-ag Campus, and later another P5 million for the building of the Taculing Campus. The history of BCC can not be told without mentioning Dr. Juarez-Roque since she laid the foundation of the BCC that we know today. Each passing year BCC became stronger as students, teachers, school officials, and city officials tirelessly did their part to improve the school and the services that it delivers. One by one, better facilities became part of the college like the fully furnished Science Lab, the Media Resource Center (MRC), and the new building at the Taculing Campus among others. After 17 challenging years, Bacolod City College (BCC) continues to deliver its promise of giving quality and affordable education to qualified and deserving students. It currently has five bachelor programs - Business Administration (BSBA), Office Administration (BSOA), Teacher Education (TEd), Information System (BSIS), and Industrial Technology (BSIT) - and one 2-year course ladderized program leading to the degree of BSIS, ACT. Today, the City of Bacolod under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Monico O. Puentevella sustains its annual subsidy of the college’s operating expenses to “make education work for the city of the future” as what the chief executive said in his State of Bacolod City Report last July 2, 2013. Bacolod City First Lady Josefa “Patching” Puentevella, in her speech during the opening salvo of the school’s 17th Foundation Week last September 2, 2014, emphasized the obligation of the student in his education, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” The honorable mayor, in his speech at the last commencement exercises, disclosed his dream of coming up with a single campus wherein the Sum-ag, Taculing, and Fortune Towne Campus will become one. It was revealed by Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr., Atty. Loney Lyzander “Bong” Dilag, Spokesperson of the Mayor, and Rolando Villamor, Bacolod City Administrator, that there are plans for the addition of a Criminology Department for the college as well as a vocational course for 6 months to 1 year. BCC offers its students not only higher education but most importantly hope for a better future and a chance to improve the quality of life. The best testimony is the 6,985 students who have earned their degrees from the school; now, they have a better lives, happy families, and dignified jobs. At 17, BCC continues to soar.

Belated Happy 2nd birthday Izela Amber R. Beatingo!

Belated happy 2nd birthday Izela Amber R. Beatingo of Victorias City, daughter of Jose B. Beatingo III and Rose Ann R. Beatingo and granddaughter of Efraim T. and Evangeline B. Beatingo and Ronaldo T. and Virginia A. Rosales.

Happy 18th Birthday Athena S. Esona!

August 30, 2014 - Happy 18th birthday to Athena S. Esona, daughter of Roberto C. Esona and Dr. Noralyn S. Esona, from you Negros Daily Bulletin (NDB) family!!!

Happy Birthday Annaliza “Lissy” Tan-Perigua!

September 5, 2014 - Happy birthday to Annaliza “Lissy” Tan-Perigua of BDO, from your CHMSC MBA family!!!

Uy, Apuyon, Bocario 2nd Place in NOHS Quiz Bee by: James U. Sy Jr.

Joann Dominique S. Uy of Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) with mom, Elsa S. Uy (James U. Sy Jr./CMAS photo). Joann Dominique S. Uy, Donnabell Apuyon, and Adrian Bocario, all of Grade 9 Alastair, placed 2nd in the Quiz Bee last August 29, 2014 at the Audio Visual Room (AVR), Negros Occidental High School (NOHS), Bacolod City. The NOHS Quiz Bee was organized by the Aralpan Department for Grade 7 to 9 and 4th year students. The competition covered history and current events about the school. Uy and Apuyon also Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) and placed in the top 5 of Quiz Bee competition of the 2nd World Youth Day local celebration last August 30, 2014 at the Quadrangle, Riverside College, Bacolod City. About 8-9 schools competed in the said event among them Bacolod City National High School (BCNHS), Medel National High School, and Singcang National High School.

De La Cruz, Tizon, “Princess & Prince of the Ocean” by: James U. Sy Jr.

Princess De La Cruz and Mark Allain Tizon, both of Marketing Management 3A, were crowned “Princess & Prince of the Ocean,” beating 21 other couples representing the different year levels and sections during the BS Business Education and BS Industrial Technology Day last September 3, 2014 at the school grounds of Bacolod City College (BCC)-Sum-ag Campus, Bacolod City, as one of the official activities for the institution’s week long 17th Foundation celebration (James U. Sy Jr./CMAS photo). Princess De La Cruz and Mark Allain Tizon, both of Marketing Management 3A, were crowned “Princess & Prince of the Ocean,” beating 21 other couples representing the different year levels and sections during the BS Business Education and BS Industrial Technology Day last September 3, 2014 at the school grounds of Bacolod City College (BCC)-Sum-ag Campus, Bacolod City, as one of the official activities for the institution’s week long 17th Foundation celebration. The duo also swept the competition by snatching the Best in Costume and Best in Presentation. The coronation was the culmination of the morning activities, which started off with a Parade of Ocean Costumes leading to BCC’s Sum-ag Campus. Marvin D. Tugon of Entrep 2C, painted in Avatar-style blue skin and wearing a gold chestplate complete with abs, uttered one of the more favorite lines for the crowd, “Aanhin mo pa ang kalabasa kung crush mo lang naman ang nagpapalinaw ng iyong mata.” Some of those who represented their classes were Julyn Tamayo and Jerymie dela Paz (MM 4A),Dina Mae D. Estraño and Perseus Maquimay (MM 1A),Lezette Amana and Randel Tupas (MM 1B), Mia Janelle Ligeslador and Miku Villaruel (Entrep 1B),Renee Rose de la Paz and Edbert Villas (Entrep 1C), Chris Chen Serie and Jaymar Caudazo (Entrep 1D),Celeste Pastorende and Erick Jacosalem (BSIT 1B), Jenms Ann Ababao and Florie Jhon Edubas (BSIT 1C), Lanie Asupan and Arnold M. Duadores (Entrep 3B), Charyain Palermo and Samie balenario (BSIT ELEX 2), Jane Tamba and Edmond E. Artista (BSIT Civil 2), Mae Oloroso and Ramiro Mina (MM 2A),Ma. Katrina Valery Donato and Marvin D. Tugon (Entrep 2C), April Joie Lagarto and Luel Sahot (BS Entrep 4B), Rhoda Mae Gabales and Alexis Brian de Belen (Entrep 2A),and Jonalex Piadoche and John Bohn Grande (Civil 3), Special guest was former BCC President Dr. Norma M. Juarez-Roque, now a member of the isntitution’s Board of Trustees. Judges were Krisna Gold Bawin, Christine Faramiran, and Jeffren Hur Bibiano Van. The Marketing Management 3A and 3B set up the Marketing Trade Fair at the sides of the competition area, selling different products, mostly food items. The BS Business Education and BS Industrial Technology Day was organized by the different school organizations - Marketring Management Society (MMS) under its President Jeffrey J. Talaman, Junior Philippine Entrepreneurs’ Society (JPES) under its President Jesreal Bancaya, and Society of Industrial Technology Students (JITS) under its President Kriska Joy Theresse Jaunto - with the support of the BS Business Education (BSBE) department under Program Coordinators (PC) Felipe F. Chin Jr., CPA, MBA, and BS Industrial Technology (BSIT) department under Program Coordinators (PC) Engr. Robert Ildy Lasuay.

BCC Sum-ag Campus Celebrates “Buwan ng Wika” by: James U. Sy Jr.

Mrs. Grace P. Lumawag, the Adviser to the Kapisanang Filipino, chaired the “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” (National Language Month) celebration last August 29, 2014 at the Bacolod City College (BCC)-Suma-ag Campus (James U. Sy Jr./CMAS photo). The Bacolod City College (BCC)-Suma-ag Campus successfully celebrated the “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” (National Language Month) last August 29, 2014 at its campus grounds. Spearheading the celebration was Filipino and Values Ed Instructress Grace P. Lumawag, the Adviser to the Kapisanang Filipino, with the full support of both the BS Business Administration (BSBA) and BS Industrial Technology (BSIT) departments under their respective Program Coordinators (PC) Felipe F. Chin Jr., CPA, MBA, and Engr. Robert Ildy Lasuay. Ma. Johanna Ann R. Bayoneta, Ph.D., School Administrator, and Elias Alias, Ph.D., Dean of Instructions, graced the event. Later that noon time Teacher’s Education and Office Administration Program Coordinators (PC) Ramie Mabayag and Mario Pao also dropped by. The sections of the campus with Filipino subjects set up booths displaying and selling different products and exhibits and each section had their own representatives who were in barong Tagalog and baro’t saya. The morning competitions included literary and performing arts activities such as Hataw Pinoy, Balagtasan, isahang tinig, dalawahang tinig, talumpati, deklamasyon, poster-slogan making competition, and kompuso. The afternoon festivities featured physical games such as fliptop, kadang-badang, hatakang lubid, luksong tinik, luksong lubid, sakbuhan, patentero, and sipa (tumba patis). The 2014 officers of the Kapisanang Filipino and their members were instrumental in the success of the event as they prepared the logistics and facilitated the events. The current officers, coming from both the BSBA and BSIT departments, are Michael Morales (President), Roland Talafiero (Vice President), Mary Christ Bustamante (Secretary), Jonel Pecha (Treasurer), April Badajos (Auditor), Ronalyn Camillada and Deo Paran (PIO), Ravena Mulyer and Yza Marie Limaco (Business Manager), Ronel Sogilon and Calderon (Sgt.-at-arms), Princess sarah Ampil (Lakambini), Benjamin Marañon (Lakan), and Bhea Rose Magallanes and Ivy Calago (Taga-awit). BCC-Taculing Campus, which houses the Teachers’ Education and Office administration departments, on the other hand celebrated the “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” simultaneously with the Nutrition Month last August 22, 2014. Former President Fidel Ramos signed Presidential Proclamation 1041 in 1997, declaring August“Buwan ng Wika.”

Mag TV Amiga Features Self Defense Tutorial

The latest episode of Mag TV Amiga over at ABS-CBN last August 24, 2014 featured a fresh look at reality-based street self defense in a tutorial formast, something that is not often seen on Philippine TV, more so on the local level. Conceptualized and directed by Renejun Ogapong, the episode presented life threatening situations wherein a peace loving citizen is confronted with aggression and possible violence, and both life and property are endangered. Each of these situations unfold as each of the show’s four hosts take on these threats one after the other, preceeding briefing and tutorial by the episode’s featured guest and consultant. Host Charmaine Grace Deatras had to deal with a knife wielding holdupper inside a moving jeepney while producer and host Carmela Gamboa was faced with a shoulder bag snatching scenario. Host Sedfrey Cabaluna tackled a gun wielding holdupper at a parking lot. Host Marflin Chu, appearing for his last episode of Mag TV Amiga, had to defend against 4 attackers at the same time, both in an open space and in a crowded alley. James U. Sy Jr., Founder/Master of the Conceptual Arnis System and the Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc., was the episode’s featured guest and consultant. Utilizing his 28 years experience in the martial arts, Sy presented to the hosts solutions to these scenerios using the most economical of movements, two or two and a half moves at most per sequence. These natural movements are low maintenance, meaning they can still be applied even with less practice or by less fit individuals, and were shown on camera first in real time and then in slow motion as the individual components were broken down. The conceptual basis and mindset of these very simple moves were also explained. Defenses against wrist grabs, two handed chokes, and haymakers were also presented. The episode was, in a way, a drive to educate the public and raise their awareness level when out in the street. Awareness is the single most important element in protecting oneself, preventing aggression even before it starts. There are cases wherein it would be wiser to turn over one’s valuables to a holdupper. Defending oneself is only a last resort when there is eminent danger of being harmed. Associate producer Frances Teresa Joy Perono was also at hand during the taping.