Monday, September 8, 2014

Mag TV Amiga Features Self Defense Tutorial

The latest episode of Mag TV Amiga over at ABS-CBN last August 24, 2014 featured a fresh look at reality-based street self defense in a tutorial formast, something that is not often seen on Philippine TV, more so on the local level. Conceptualized and directed by Renejun Ogapong, the episode presented life threatening situations wherein a peace loving citizen is confronted with aggression and possible violence, and both life and property are endangered. Each of these situations unfold as each of the show’s four hosts take on these threats one after the other, preceeding briefing and tutorial by the episode’s featured guest and consultant. Host Charmaine Grace Deatras had to deal with a knife wielding holdupper inside a moving jeepney while producer and host Carmela Gamboa was faced with a shoulder bag snatching scenario. Host Sedfrey Cabaluna tackled a gun wielding holdupper at a parking lot. Host Marflin Chu, appearing for his last episode of Mag TV Amiga, had to defend against 4 attackers at the same time, both in an open space and in a crowded alley. James U. Sy Jr., Founder/Master of the Conceptual Arnis System and the Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc., was the episode’s featured guest and consultant. Utilizing his 28 years experience in the martial arts, Sy presented to the hosts solutions to these scenerios using the most economical of movements, two or two and a half moves at most per sequence. These natural movements are low maintenance, meaning they can still be applied even with less practice or by less fit individuals, and were shown on camera first in real time and then in slow motion as the individual components were broken down. The conceptual basis and mindset of these very simple moves were also explained. Defenses against wrist grabs, two handed chokes, and haymakers were also presented. The episode was, in a way, a drive to educate the public and raise their awareness level when out in the street. Awareness is the single most important element in protecting oneself, preventing aggression even before it starts. There are cases wherein it would be wiser to turn over one’s valuables to a holdupper. Defending oneself is only a last resort when there is eminent danger of being harmed. Associate producer Frances Teresa Joy Perono was also at hand during the taping.

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