Thursday, November 28, 2013

11th Bakbakan of Eskrimadors Coming to Gaisano Grand This Sat. by James U. Sy Jr.

Apprentice Instructors Cyril Indonila (right) and Vincent Española of the Guinabo Arnis and Combat Sports (GACS) performing Trecegrabes Piga-piga Arnis System at the Manville Royale Grounds, Araneta Avenue, Pahanocoy, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental (James U. Sy Jr./CMAS Photo). In the continuing efforts of the Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF), Inc. under Founder/Grandmaster Atty. Col. Marcelo C. Jalandoon, Ph.D., and President/Grandmaster P/Sgt. (Ret.) Estanislao “Eslao” T. Guarra to propagate the indigenous fighting arts of the province, the Guinabo Arnis and Combat Sports (GACS) under Founder/Grandmaster Felix A. Guinabo, one of the fed’s most active member schools, will be hosting the 11th Bakbakan of Eskrimadors this coming November 30, 2013 (Bonifacio Day), 1:00 PM, at the Atrium Area, Gaisano Grand Bacolod Mall (GGBM), Araneta St., Bacolod City. The event will be held with the support of the Gaisano Grand Bacolod Mall represented by Advertising Officer Nomer Lobaton. The event will feature both demonstrations and a tournament. The Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) Inc. Arnis will be used. Organizations that have confirmed participation in the tournament include host Guinabo Arnis and Combat Sports (GACS) of Founder/Grandmaster Felix A. Guinabo, Maharlika Classical Arnis Club (MCAC) of Grandmaster Mansueto Banay, Mandatus Arnis Sikaran Kali (MASK) of Founder/Grandmaster Romeo Postrano, and Tribu Hanagaway Association Inc. (THAI) of Founder/Master Roy R. Flors Sr. Organizations that will give demonstrations or serve as tournament officials include Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc. of Founder/Master James U. Sy Jr., Guarra Style Modern Arnis of Founder/Grandmaster P/Sgt. (Ret.) Estanislao T. Guarra, Murcia Martial Arts Club (MMAC) of Founder/Master Luciano “Nick” G. Montoya, Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF), Inc. under Founder/Grandmaster Atty. Col. Marcelo C. Jalandoon, Ph.D., Original Filipino Tapado Long Stick fighting Association (OFTLSFA), Inc. of 1st Generation Inheritor/Grandmaster GM Benefredo “Bebing” M. Lobrido, Philippine Integrated Martial Arts Academy-Filipino Tang Soo Do Association (PIMAA-FTSDA), Inc. of Founder/Grandmaster Elmer V. Montoyo, Pangamut International (PI) of Founder Master Stephen Roy S. Dedel, and Yasay Sable-Bago represented by Instructors Wilson and Randy A. Alvarado. The Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF), Inc., through the efforts of its member schools, had already organized a total of 7 martial arts tournaments/expos and 7 seminars/special trainings for the year. The martial arts tournaments/expos held were 1st Negros Indigenous Fighting Arts Expo (April 6, 2013), Tribe WAR XI (May 11, 2013), 4th Tribu Aikido Competition (May 26, 2013), 9th Bakbakan of Eskrimadors (June 23, 2013), 10th Bakbakan of Eskrimadors (July 27, 2013), Tribe WAR XII (October 26, 2013), and 11th Bakbakan of Eskrimadors (November 30, 2013). The seminars/special trainings conducted were PAGCOR Women's Self Defense Seminar (March 13, 2013), KM The Bladed Hand Tour-Bacolod Leg (March 19, 2013), Brgy. Malingin Tanod Training (July 6 & 13, 2013), Introduction to Aikido Seminar (UNO-R, August 14, 2013), Arnis Interview (USLS PE students, August 2013), Negros Martial Culture Lecture (Riverside College, October 4, 2013), and Arnis Stickwork for Dance (St. John’s Institute, October 8, 2013).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sport Karate-do Introduced to UNO-R Students by James U. Sy Jr.

Student-members of the UNO-R Martial Arts Club (UNO-R MAC) under the mentorship of Criminology Department Defensive Tactics (DEFTAC) Instructor Master Ferdinand Emmanuel “Bobot” Y. Gayoles were officially introduced to Philippine Karate-do Federation (PKF) style Sports Karate by Cromwill Samson Sensei of La Carlota City recently at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (UNO-R), Lizares St., Bacolod City. Samson Sensei, National Coach and 1st dan black belt PKF, introduced the students, most of whom were from the Criminology Department, to the training methods as taught by the Philippine Karate-do Federation (PKF), the sole recognized National Sport Association (NSA) for Karate-do in the country by the Philippine Government. The UNO-R students had hands-on work on the exercises used by the Philippine Karate-do Team. The initial training focused on the mawashi geri “roundhouse kick (Nihonggo),” both from the rear and the lead leg. Samson Sensei is the Negros Occidental Representative for the Advocacy for the Strengthening of Karate-do (ASK) of Founder Ramon Franco Kyoshi, 7th dan black belt WKF, and is an International Coach for the Asian Karate-do Federation (PKF). Master Gayoles started handling the DefTac classes at UNO-R in 2008. Since then he has developed a simple yet effective syllabus for use by criminology students. He drew from his extensive experience in the martial arts to come up with what he calls an "idiot-proof" system geared towards law enforcement work. Gayoles is certified as a Master in four system of Negrpsanon Arnis - his family system of Yasay Sable, Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis, Oido de Caburata (Aguilar line), and Vasquez Modified Tapado - and is also 3rd Dan in WTF-style Taekwondo and a Black Belt in Karate. To give his students a broader exposure to the different fighting arts, he has invited a number of accomplished teachers to introduce their specialties to his class. Two other teachers who had taught his DefTac students were Henried B. lamayo Sensei, 3rd Dan Judo, Founder/Chief Instructor of Seijitsu Judo Dojo, and James U. Sy Jr. Sensei, 1st Dan Aikido, Founder of Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc. The Sports Karate course will be conducted continuously every Wednesday for students who are interested to train and later represent the university in competitions such as the NOPSCEA and the Nationals.

New City Mall Hosts Tribe WAR XII by James U. Sy Jr.

Some of the organizers, officials, guests, and participants of the Tribe WAR (Warrior's Art Rumble) XII on October 27, 2013 at the Ground Floor, New City Mall, Luzuriaga St., Bacolod City (Mikayla P. Abancio/THAI photo). The Tribe WAR (Warrior's Art Rumble) XII was successfully held by the Tribu Hangaway Association Inc. (THAI) of Master Roy R. Flores in cooperation with New City Mall, Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF), Inc., and Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS), Inc. on October 27, 2013 at the Ground Floor, New City Mall, Luzuriaga St., Bacolod City. DEMONSTRATIONS. Apprentice Instructors Rahil “Cyril” Indonila and Vincent Española represented Guinabo Arnis and Combat Sports (GACS) of Grandmaster Felix A. Guinabo by giving a demonstration of the Trece Grabes Piga-Piga System. They both did largo mano and corto mano. Gan Soo Do Philippines, Inc. of Founder/Grandmaster Casimiro “Chingi” A. Grandeza, 7th Dan Soo Bahk Do (Korea), was represented by Black Dragon Martial Arts of Club Master Wenceslao Billones Jr. and Chief Instructor Windell Billones, 1st Dan Gan Soo Do/Soo Bahk Do/Taekwondo/Judo/Karate. The Billones Exhibition Team, led by CI Billones, demonstrated several hyung/poomse “forms (Hangul),” board and brick on fire kyukpa “breaking (Hangul),” ho shin sul “self defense arts (Hangul),” kasetsu waza “joint techniques (Nihonggo),” and nage waza “throwing techniques (Nihonggo)” which are all integral parts of Gan Soo Do, which is partly based on the Tang Soo Do/Soo Bahk Do of the late Grandmaster Hwang Kee. Members of the Billones Exhibition Team were Asst. instructor Winsie Jesson billones, 1st Dan, and Taekwondo gold medalists Karelyn Bantilan, Andre James Barayoga (Div. Meet), Rocheemel Galvan (Division Meet), Christie Anne Garcia (Area Meet), Jason Hicata (Area Meet), and Denise “AJ” Patigas (Div. Meet). Black Dragon Martial Arts was overall Taekwondo champion of the Division Meet last October 13, 2013 at the Rizal Elementary School Gym. Master Stephen Roy S. Dedel, Founder of Pangamot International, with the assistance of Apprentice Instructor Rahil Indonila, demonstrated knife vs knife and empty hand vs knife methods from the Dedel Pangamot System and the Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis System. Master James U. Sy Jr., Founder of Conceptual Arnis and Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc., with the assistance of Apprentice Instructor Rahil Indonila, demonstrated self defense techniques against free and grabbed knife pointing and knife thrusts using minimal movements. Instructors Lafayette A. Diamante and Lorema “Bing” H. Tacsagon of CMAS demonstrated basic Arnis short stick defense and disarming and the basic uno and dos strikes of Original Filipino Tapado, as taught to them by 1st generation inheritor Grandmaster Benefredo “Bebing” M. Lobrido. The Tribu Hangaway Association, Inc. (THAI), an affiliate of the Ki Association International of Ernesto Talag Sensei, Muay Association of the Philippines Region 6, was represented by Arjay Flores, Christine Faye Mangubat, and Mich Rodriguez who demonstrated who demonstrated Aikido ukemi “breakfalling (Nihongg)” and goshinjutsu “self defense arts (Nihonggo)” against hold up, sexual harassment, and two attackers. Trainor Jerry de la Cruz, Reymart Espira, Kaye Rivera, and Annabel Fida meanwhile demonstrated the fighting arsenals of Muay Thai with the use of punching and kicking pads. THAI is also a member of Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF), Inc. and the Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS), Inc. RESULTS: Submission Sports Philippines-Bacolod Team (SSP-BT) was overall champion with 3 wins. Xar Liera of SSP-BT forced Michael Rama of THAI to tap out at .49 via triangle choke. Mark Nimanad of SSP-BT got a superior position over Lyle Perje of THAI and got a tapout at 1.28 of the bout. Raje Fama of SSP-BT was declared winner by default. Officials were Founder/Master Roy R. Flores Sr. of THAI (Tournament Director), Founder/Master James U. Sy Jr. of CMAS (Emcee/Recorder), Mohammad El Hellou Sensei (Referee), Dodgie Damo Flores of THAI (Scorer), Guro Maru L. Macalipsay of Golden Kamagong International (Guest), Christine Faye Mangubat of THAI (Invocation), and Joice Villacin of THAI (Pambansang Awit). Sponsors were New City Mall, Amar Emporium, Mario Amaca, Jimmy John Soquiña, Robert Sumalangcay, Lafayette Diamante and Lorema Tacsagon, Gally Oropil of Arashi Ryu Aikido, and Erodgie O. Sepe.

Tribu Hangaway Now @ New City Mall by James U. Sy Jr.

The Tribu Hangaway Association, Inc. (THAI) of Founder Roy R. Flores Sr. Sensei has recently transferred its location to the 3rd Floor of the New City Mall (formerly the De La Rama Center). Flores Sensei started teaching Aikido under the banner of the Tapondo International Federation Inc. (TIFI) in January 2001 at the Iron World, 3/F Benjie’s Bldg., Gatuslao St., Bacolod City. Later, the club transferred to the 2nd and then the 3rd floor of the Golden Heritage Bldg. in San Juan St. where it stayed for several years up to about the first half of 2013. It relocated to the White House along Locsin St., staying there for 2 months, before it finally settled at the New City Mall. Tribu Hangaway started out as Warrior’s Club way back in 2003, when other instructors and Flores pioneered the propagation of Wushu Sanshou in Bacolod and Negros Occidental. The name was later changed to Tribu Hangaway because there was already a group who was using the Warrior’s Club name. Flores Sensei, after he resigned his post as Negros Chief Instructor for TIFI, went independent for awhile before affiliating his group to the Ki Association International of Ernesto “Ernie” Talag Sensei, which in turn is affiliated with Yuishinkai of Maruyama Sensei. Flores Sensei holds a 6th Degree Black belt in Tapondo and is graded Master in Arnis by the Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF), Inc. He has been named Bacolod Coordinator by 4 times world Wushu Sanshou champion Rene Catalan, during the latter’s stint as the Region 6 Head of the Muay Association of the Philippines (MAP). Classes taught and their schedules are Aikido 6:30-8:30 PM MWF, 2:00-4:00 PM Sat. (kids only), 6:30-8:30 PM Sat. (adults); MMA is 6:30-8:30 PM TTH, 4:00-6:00 PM Sat.-Sun. Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, and Arnis are also taught. Interested parties may contact Roy Flores Sr. @ 0946-665-2757.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda Pictures

The tree that was felled by Typhoon Yolanda and that blocked off Moles St., in between Tarhata and Doña Aurora Sts., in Brgy. Tangub, Bacolod City last November 8, 2013, around 1:00 PM (James U. Sy Jr./NDB Photos). Clean up by Prk. Kapawa residents shortly thereafter (James U. Sy Jr./NDB Photos). Aftermath of Typhoon Yolando at Moles St. in Brgy. Tangub, Bacolod Cityon November 9, 2013 (James U. Sy Jr./NDB Photos). Long queue at Banco de Oro (BDO)-Araneta Branch on November 9, 2013, a day after Typhoon Yolanda hit Bacolod City. At least three branches of BDO were off line at that point in time (Gonzaga, Plaza and Gaisano City (James U. Sy Jr./NDB Photos).