Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sport Karate-do Introduced to UNO-R Students by James U. Sy Jr.

Student-members of the UNO-R Martial Arts Club (UNO-R MAC) under the mentorship of Criminology Department Defensive Tactics (DEFTAC) Instructor Master Ferdinand Emmanuel “Bobot” Y. Gayoles were officially introduced to Philippine Karate-do Federation (PKF) style Sports Karate by Cromwill Samson Sensei of La Carlota City recently at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (UNO-R), Lizares St., Bacolod City. Samson Sensei, National Coach and 1st dan black belt PKF, introduced the students, most of whom were from the Criminology Department, to the training methods as taught by the Philippine Karate-do Federation (PKF), the sole recognized National Sport Association (NSA) for Karate-do in the country by the Philippine Government. The UNO-R students had hands-on work on the exercises used by the Philippine Karate-do Team. The initial training focused on the mawashi geri “roundhouse kick (Nihonggo),” both from the rear and the lead leg. Samson Sensei is the Negros Occidental Representative for the Advocacy for the Strengthening of Karate-do (ASK) of Founder Ramon Franco Kyoshi, 7th dan black belt WKF, and is an International Coach for the Asian Karate-do Federation (PKF). Master Gayoles started handling the DefTac classes at UNO-R in 2008. Since then he has developed a simple yet effective syllabus for use by criminology students. He drew from his extensive experience in the martial arts to come up with what he calls an "idiot-proof" system geared towards law enforcement work. Gayoles is certified as a Master in four system of Negrpsanon Arnis - his family system of Yasay Sable, Lapu-Lapu ViƱas Arnis, Oido de Caburata (Aguilar line), and Vasquez Modified Tapado - and is also 3rd Dan in WTF-style Taekwondo and a Black Belt in Karate. To give his students a broader exposure to the different fighting arts, he has invited a number of accomplished teachers to introduce their specialties to his class. Two other teachers who had taught his DefTac students were Henried B. lamayo Sensei, 3rd Dan Judo, Founder/Chief Instructor of Seijitsu Judo Dojo, and James U. Sy Jr. Sensei, 1st Dan Aikido, Founder of Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc. The Sports Karate course will be conducted continuously every Wednesday for students who are interested to train and later represent the university in competitions such as the NOPSCEA and the Nationals.

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