Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st IFFMAS Meeting for 2010 Held By: James U. Sy Jr.

The Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) held its first monthly meeting for the year last January 2, 2009 at the Sea Breeze Hotel, San Juan St., Bacolod City. 12 school heads and associates from 9 martial arts organizations were in attendance.

Grandmaster Elmer V. Montoyo of the Integrated Martial Arts Academy-Filipino Tang Soo Do Association (PIMAA-FTSDA), Inc. presided the meeting. Treasurer Abraham G. Ganzon Jr., Founder/Chairman of the Universal Defensive Tactics Academy (UDTA), reported the member organizations which had already paid their annual dues for the year namely, Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc. of Founders/Masters James U. Sy Jr. and Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado, PIMAA-FTSDA, San Carlos Jungle Fighters Martial Arts Club (SACA JUFIMAC) of Founder/Chief Instructor Diomedes N. Mamugay, and UDTA.

Secretary General Sy reported to the body the signing into law of Republic Act 9850 “An act declaring Arnis as the National Martial Art and Sport of the Philippines." P/Sgt. (Ret.) Grandmaster Estanislao “Eslao” T. Guarra of the Guarra Style Modern Arnis and Self Defense Association (GSMASDA) expressed his concerns on arnisadores being able to teach in the schools. Founder/Master Ricardo P. Filipinas of the Sacred Ki Art of Filipino Foot Fighting (SKAFF) gave valuable insights based on his experience about sports competitions in the school system. GM Montoyo assured the members that IFFMAS will try its best to help organize its member schools for participation in this new development.

It was announced that CMAS is planning a multi-discipline tournament for the first quarter of 2010. Proposed divisions are IFFMAS Arnis, Filipino Tang Soo Do, Sipa Sumbag, and Wushu Sanshou. The Arnis event, which is based on rules that has been traditionally used in the Visayas in the early days, will have a total fight time of only 90 seconds, divided into three parts. The other divisions will have 2 2-minute rounds and a 1-minute rest period in between except for Wushu Sanshou which will have a third round, still lasting 2 minutes, the case of a tie.

Five of the attending member schools submitted their list of probable players for advance matching purposes.

Other school heads and associates who were in attendance included Founder/Master Roy R. Flores Sr. of Tribu Hangaway (TH), Grandmaster Felix A. Guinabo and his wife Cristita Guinabo of the Guinabo Arnis and Combat Sports (GACS), Grandmaster Benefredo “Bebing” M. Lobrido of Original Filipino Tapado Long Stick Fighting Association (OFTLSFA), Inc., Grandmaster Jose “Joe” Mancesa and his student, Arnis gold medalist Monica Gazo of Negros United Fighting Arts Academy (NUFAA), and Doem John Oguilla of CMAS.

The Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) was founded by several martial arts organizations as the Intercontinental Federation of Martial Arts Schools (IFMAS) on July 15, 2005 in Bacolod City. It was registered as a non-profit, non-stock organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through the efforts of its Treasurer Universal Defensive Tactics Academy (UDTA) Founder/Chairman Abraham G. Ganzon Jr. on December 4, 2008 (SEC Reg. No. CN200831301). Incorporators were Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado, Roy R. Flores Sr., Abraham G. Ganzon Jr., Benefredo “Bebing” M. Lobrido, Dr. Raymund Antonio A. Maguad, Elmer V. Montoyo, and James U. Sy Jr.

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