Friday, March 26, 2010

Yap Fraternity Bacolod Inaugurated By: James U. Sy Jr.

Foudner/Teacher Peter John Lloren Yap Yan-Lin Sifu (center front) leading members of the Tai Chi Circle of Bacolod (TCCB) in performing the Tai Chi Chuan 24 simplified and 37 Chen Man-Ching forms during the 2010 Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc. National Convention and Inauguration & Induction of the Officers of its Bacolod Chapter last March 31, 2010 at the Planta Hotel, Araneta St., Bacolod City (TCCB photo).

The 2010 Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc. National Convention and the Inauguration & Induction of the Officers of its Bacolod Chapter was successfully hosted by its local chapter last March 31, 2010, 7:00-10:00 PM, at the Planta Hotel, Araneta St., Bacolod City.

The 2010 Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc. is a family association organized to bring together long lost members of the Yap clan here in the Philippines. Currently, there are four chapters of the fraternity: the mother chapter in Manila, Cebu Chapter, Iloilo Chapter, and Bacolod Chapter. These chapters meet annually.

The roots of the Yap clan are well documented. What was handed down was a story about the great General Shen (Sim in Fukienese) who was awarded the fiefdom of Yeh in 525 BC. Yeh “The Leaf (Mandarin)" was so named because it was the vegetable capital of the then ruling dynasty. Through the generations, the Yaps had become in part a noble name. General Yap Hui (Yeh Fei), a Philippine-born Chinese but went back to China during the World War, was a prominent hero of the People's Republic.

The surname Yap comes in several renditions in the different Chinese dialects: Ee, Giap (Vietnamese), Ip, Yap (Fukien), Yee, Yeh (Mandarin), and Yip (Cantonese/Macau). Wing Chun Kung Fu Grandmaster Yip (Ip) Man of Hong Kong, the famed teacher of martial arts superstar Bruce Lee, and General Vo Nguyen Giap, the head of the Vietnamese army who defeated the French and Americans and the Defense Minister after unification, are two prominent members of the Yap clan.

Yap Tian Kian of the Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc.-Iloilo Chapter requested his nephew, Peter John Lloren Yap Yan-Lin (B: 1944), the son of his brother Ramon Yap Tian See, to organize the Bacolod Chapter of the association when the latter went back to Bacolod in the late 1980s. Peter Yap started it as a satellite group for the association in Bacolod, with him, Roger Yap, and John Yip Eng Won as the pioneer members.

The Manila Chapter of the Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc. encouraged the group to formalize itself as a separate chapter as early as ten years ago. The formalization and inauguration of the Bacolod Chapter finally came to fruition this year.

Inducted officers of the Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc.-Bacolod Chapter were John Yip Eng Won (President), Johnny Yap, Roger Yap, Eddie Yap, and Henry Sayat (Vice Presidents), Jose Co (Secretary), and Arthur Yap (Treasurer). Chapter Founded Peter Jon L. Yap was named Cam See Tiu (Oversight Committee Chairman). The chapter currently has 20 members. Inducting Officer was Thomas Yap Lai Seng, President of the Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc.-Manila Chapter.

The Tai Chi Circle of Bacolod (TCCB), the oldest recorded existing Tai Chi Chuan group in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental (founded: 2000), gave a presentation of the Tai Chi Chuan 24 simplified form and 37 Chen Man-Ching form. Only TCCB practices the 37-step form in Bacolod as of now.

The Tai Chi Chuan "Grand Ultimate Fist" demonstration was led by TCCB Foudner/Teacher Peter John Lloren Yap Yan-Lin Sifu. TCCB members who performed were Pepe Chiu, Cathy Friend, Guillermo “Bill” Gomez, Ianna Gomez, Bob Jereza, Pepito Khey, Humberto “Toti” Lim Jr., Albino Pasilan, and Jose Uy Jr.

The Yap Fraternity Philippines, Inc.-Bacolod Chapter has earned its distinction as the 11th Chinese family association in Bacolod. The other Chinese family associations are Ang-King Family Association (Negros Occidental Liok Kui Fraternity), Ho Family Association, Liat San Group, Negros Occ. Che Yong Cua Chua Family Association, Ong Family Association (Tai Guan Tong), Philippine Liong Tek Fraternity Bacolod Chapter (Go Family Association), Philippine Long Se Lee Family Association-Neg. Occ. Chapter, Se Ho Lim Association, Tan Family Association, and Uy Kang Ha Association.


tolites1940 said...

I'm the greatgrandson of Yap Tauco from his filipina wife, Joaquina Fernando. Yap Tauco and Yap Cha migrated in Guagua, Pampanga, Philippines.
My grandfather is Felipe Fernando Yap married Marta David Timbol of San Jose, San Fernando, Pampanga. They moved to Pikit, Cotabato, Philippines. They had a family vacation in China sometime in December 17, 1932. When they returned they left their 2 eldest sons, Enrique Timbol Fernando and Pedro Timbol Fernando in China.They are there up to this time. We have no news about them if they are still alive.

Their 3 brothers here in the Philippines already died. Pacifico Timbol Fernando never married.

Jose Timbol Fernando married Gloria Perez of Zamboanga City, Philippines.They had 3 sons.Named Archangelo Perez Fernando, Anthony Perez Fernando and Charlemagne Perez Fernando.While they have 3 daugters.

Dominador Timbol Fernando married a certain Iniang. They had 4 sons and 4 daugters.

Only Juanito Timbol Fernando is the surviving granson of Yap Tauco and Joaquina Fernando. He is the son of Felipe Fernando Yap and Marta David Timbol. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

And another surviving grand daughter of Yap Tauco is Mercedes Timbol Fernando. She is the only daughter of Felipe Fernando Yap and Marta Timbol. She has one son and two daugters. She was married first to Luis Jarumay Cabinbin and had 2 children. Then she had a daughter from Andres Jarumay Cabinbn.

We lost connections from our chinese relatives when my grandfather dropped the surname Yap for taxation purposes and worst when our grandparents separated sometime in 1933.

I only saw my grandfather 2X when he was already sick. He was confined and died in Chinese General Hospital. He was buried in North Cemetery, Quezon City, Philippines.

How can the grandsons of Yap Tauco from his Filipina wife Joaquina Fernando and the grandchildren of Felipe Fernando Yap join the fraternity?What are the requirements? Can their children join the fraternity?

Conceptual Warrior said...

Hi tolites1940, Sorry for the late reply. I'll check with whom you can communicate with this matter. I'll get back at you the soonest I can. Kindly leave your contact info. Thanks.

Unknown said...

im from cebu my father is the son of rogelio yap whom the son of arcenio yap both my grand grand parents originated from cebu but they transfer on another place somewhere in glan sarangani province that is the only info ive got since my grandfather rogelio yap now also known "roger yap sr." is also dead. by the way my grandpa was the former colonel in mandaue city, cebu. how i wish i can be a part of the fraternity.

Conceptual Warrior said...

To tolites1940 and Unknown,

Please get in touch with the Yap association in Binondo, Manila. They will instruct you on the requirements for membership. Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

To Conceptual Warrior;
May I ask a favor please. Can you forward my email to Yap Fraternity in Manila please. Maybe it is easier. Please contact my cousin, Carlomagno 4145019/639204569703/639174743904

Unknown said...

To Conceptual Warrior.Thanks a lot.God bless!

Unknown said...

To Conceptual Warrior.Thanks for the help.I'm a visayan on my mother side. My great grandfather is Marciano Cabantugan married to Saturnina Bebera. My grandfather is Cornelio of Mahliao, Badian, Cebu.