Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arnis Phils. Officers Appointed By: James U. Sy Jr., PIO, Arnis Philippines-Bacolod/Negros Chapter

Published in the May 27, 2010 issue of Negros Daily Bulletin

The new set of officers of Arnis Philippines-Bacolod/Negros Chapter for the year 2010 was appointed by Commissioner Grandmaster Danilo "Danny" L. Cardinal recently at the Sea Breeze Hotel, San Juan St., Bacolod City.

This year's officers are Commissioner Grandmaster Danilo "Danny" Cardinal of KaliSilat Arnis Association (KAA)-Bacolod (President), Grandmaster Jose "Joe" B. Mancesa of the Negros United Fighting Arts Academy (Vice President), Founder/Chairman Abraham "Abe" G. Ganzon Jr. of Universal Defensive Tactics Academy (Secretary), Voltaire Daypal of UDTA (Treasurer), Founder/Master James U. Sy Jr. of Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc. (PIO), and Master Sheila M. Duran of Golden Kamagong (Auditor).

Danilo “Danny” L. Cardinal is the Director of the KaliSilat Arnis Association (KAA)-Bacolod and Founder/Chief Instructor of Traditional Shotokan Karate Arts (TSKA). He is recognized as a Grandmaster by Col. Atty. Grandmaster Marcelo C. Jalandoon, Ph.D., under the Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF). He holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, Black Belt in Arnis from the Saudi Arnis-Karate Federation (1987), First Instructor rank in Arnis from then Master Jonathan M. Bais under the sanction of the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (1991), and Unang Tagapagturo in Kali-Silat (1991). GM Cardinal was the 1987 All Filipino Karate Invitational black belt lightweight kumite champion and 5th RTKF Karate Invitational black belt kata champion (1989). He was formerly Chief Instructor of the Ras Tanura Karate Federation (RTKF) in Saudi Arabia and the Midway Shotokan Karate-do and Director of Midway Kali-Silat in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jose "Joe" B. Mancesa is the Founder/Grandmaster of the Negros United Fighting Arts Academy (NUFAA). He is recognized as a Grandmaster and member of the Council of Elders by the Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS), Inc. under the leadership of its President Grandmaster Elmer V. Montoyo. He is the Instructor for the Defensive Tactics of the Criminology Department of the Bago City College (BCC) and the Chief Instructor of the Bago City Arnis Team under the sponsorship of Hon. Mayor Ramon D. Torres. Under the guidance of GM Mancesa, the Bago City Arnis Team had snatched several overall championships including the 1st Todo Dispanta Arnis Tournament (2010) and the UDTA-Mayor Evelio “Bing” Leonardia Arnis Cup 2009 and brought home gold, silver, and bronze medals from an assortment of local and regional competitions among them the Mayor Jerry P. Treñas Regional Arnis Cup 2009 Regional Arnis Tournament (2009) and 2008 Nergros Occidental Provincial Meet.

Abraham "Abe" G. Ganzon Jr., MBA, is the Founder/Chairman of Universal Defensive Tactics Academy (UDTA) and the Chairman of the Universal Care Center of Excellence (UCCE). He is a member of the Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) and the Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF). He had studied Karate (1982), Kimdo Taekwondo (1991), Aikido (2008), Arnis (starting 2008), and Chi Kung (2008). He became the first Bacoleño to be certified as an Instructor (Level 1-2, 2008-2009) in Commando Krav Maga under its Chief instructor Moni Aizik after undergoing the Instructors' Course in Singapore. He holds a Lakan Isa in KaliSilat under GM Cardinal and is working for his instructorship in Conceptual Martial Arts under Master James U. Sy Jr. He is currently studying the NUFAA system under GM Mancesa.

Voltaire Daypal is one of the Incorporators of the Universal Defensive Tactics Academy (UDTA) and is Green Belt Level 1 under F/CM Ganzon.

James U. Sy Jr. is Founder/Master of Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc. He is the Secretary General of the Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) and served as officer and/or member for several martial arts organizations in Negros, Iloilo, Manila, and Baguio/Urdaneta since starting martial arts training in 1986. Sy is a certified Master of 6 systems of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) under 7 grandmasters and an instructor in two others. Sy also holds Black Belt Degrees or Instructor equivalents in Aikido, Karate, Kimdo Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Pencak Silat, and Wushu Sanshou. He is Purchasing Officer in a plant in Negros Occidental and is a former banker and auditor. Sy traveled Negros researching, documenting, and studying the various indigenous Arnis systems of the island and wrote them in local newspapers, in the internet, and Rapid Journal, the Philippines' only martial arts magazine. He is the Western Visayas Correspondent for the Binondo-based Rapid Journal.

Shiela M. Duran is an MSEPT (Music, Arts, and Physical Education) Teacher II at the Mandalagan Elementary School. She is a 1st Dan Black Belt (Coach/Trainor) in Taekwondo under Frankie Tortogo of Wolfhound Taekwondo Club and a Brown Belt in Karate-do under Bert Ginete Sensei and Dr. Mariel Defallo of the Renzoku Martial Arts Academy (RMAC). Duran is a member of the Golden Kamagong Arnis Kali Eskrima Association (GKAKEA)-Bacolod Chapter of P/SUPT. (Ret.) Founder/Grandmaster Ibarra E. Lopez. She started studying Arnis in 2007 and is currently recognized as a Master in Arnis by GM Lopez. She is the first female to be nationally accredited in Arnis DepEd, first female Regional Referee in Negros for Arnis Philippines, and one of two female International Referees for International Modern Arnis Federation, Philippines.