Tuesday, May 17, 2011

36 Sports Events to be Played in the Upcoming PNG By: James U. Sy Jr.

The 1st Philippine National Games (PNG) "Synchronized National Championships of NSAs” will feature 36 sports events when it is held by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) on May 22-29, 2011 in several locations in Negros Occidental, including Bacolod, Bago, Silay, and Talisay Cities. Of the 36 sports events, 9 will be combat sports:

Events to be held in Bacolod City (with scheduled play dates and venue in parenthesis) are Fun Run (May 22, Bacolod City New Government Center), Athletics (May 22-26, Panaad Track Oval), Badminton (May 23-28, Pohang Badminton Court), Beach Volleyball (May 23-28, St. La Salle University - Sand Court), Billiards (May 24-29, Gaisano Mall), Fencing (May 24-27, UNO-R Gymnasium), Gymnastics (May 22-29, St John Institute & San Agustin College Gymnasium), Judo (May 23-26, Riverside College), Karatedo (May 23-25, Bacolod Arts Center - Bacolod City National High School), Lawn Tennis (May 23-29, Center Court Tennis Club / Noah's Haven), Motorcyle Sports (May 28-29, Bacolod City Airport Runway), Sailing (May 24-28, Lopue Family Beach Resort), Softball (May 24-29, Bacolod City National High School), Soft Tennis (May 27-29, UNO-R Outdoor Court / Panaad Tennis Court), Swimming (May 22-26, (May 25-26, Panaad Swimming Pool), Taekwondo (May 25-26, Negros Occidental Multipurpose Activity Center), Volleyball (May 23-29, St. La Salle University - College and High School Covered Court), Weightlifting (May 27-28, SM North Terminal), Wind Surfing (May 24-27, Lopue Family Beach Resort), and Wrestling (May 26-28, Bacolod Arts Center - Bacolod City National High School).

Events to be held in Bago City are Baseball City (May 24-28, Hall Housing Site), Canoe Kayak (May 26-28, Bantayan Park, Bago River), Dragon Boat (May 26-28, Bantayan Park, Bago River), Muay Thai (May 23-27, Manuel Torres Coliseum and Cultural Center), Wall Climbing (May 27-28, Bago Sports Center), and Wushu (May 28-29, Manuel Torres Coliseum and Cultural Center).

Events to be held in Talisay City are Cycling (May 23-24, Silay - Talisay City Hall), Futsal (May 22-29, Talisay City Gymnasium), Football (Women) (May 23-29, Carlos Hilado State College Football Field / Yanson Football Field), Pencak (May 23-27, Silat Talisay Public Plaza), and Table Tennis (May 24-28, Carlos Hilado State College Coliseum).

Events to be held in Silay City are Archery (May 24-28, Dona Monserat Lopez High School - Football Field), Arnis (May 22-27, Silay City Plaza), Sepak Takraw (Men) (May 24-28, Natalio Velez Multi-Purpose Gym), and Triathlon (May 28-29, Swim: Marina-Pacific Shore; Bike: Talisay-Silay; Run: Talisay).

The Pencak Silat competition, to be supervised by the Philippine Pencak Silat Association (Philsilat), will see action in the 1st Pencak Silat Junior Open Championship for Pesilats (Pencak Silat players) aged 14-17 years old and the 12th Pencak Silat National Open Championship for Pesilats aged 18 to 30 years old.

Meanwhile, the Muay Association of the Philippines (MAP) is planning a a seminar for all Muay Thai practitioners simultaneously with the staging of the PNG.

The PNG will feature the simultaneously conduct of the National Open Championships of the different National Sports Associations (NSAs). The main objective of the games is to scout for new potential athletes to be included in the national training pool.

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