Monday, April 16, 2012

Arnis - Adino Rank Promotions Held

The Directorate of the Zion Original Disciples in Arnis and Combat Sports Self Defense Society of the Philippines (ZODIACSSS), Inc. announced six higher degree promotions in Arnis - Adino Self Defense during the organization’s 45th Annual Rank Promotions for the Province of Negros Occidental recently.

Those promoted to the next rank were Romeo G. Banas, from 7th Degree Red Belt to 8th Degree Red Belt; Dave Michael D. Sevillo, from 6th Degree Red White Belt to 7th Degree Red Belt; Melchor Garcia, Salvador S. Segura, and James U. Sy Jr., all from 4th Degree Black Belt to 5th Degree Black Belt; and Rustico Pabalinas, from 3rd Degree Black Belt to 4th Degree Black Belt.

Five other instructors were recommended for promotion but for the meantime were held in abeyance until seminar on Arnis - Adino is undertaken. The instructors were Ian G. Negrido, 5th Degree Black Belt, and Iran Ardiente, Jovy Belarmino, Roberto Lovidaria, and Cosme dela Goza III, all 4th Degree Black Belt.

All awarded promotions included a sealed certificate of promotion and a license to operate. The seal appearing in the certificate of promotion defines it as a legitimate document; without it, such would be unauthorized and illegal and will not be honored by ZODIACSSS.

The Directorate also announced that two demotions were given, to Rico rebate of Cadiz City and Ever Gonzaga of Victorias City, from 4th Degree Black Belt to 3rd Degree Black Belt, for reason of being inactive in seminars and instructor courses. Hence, ZODIACSSS is declaring all their ranks in martial arts, since 2004, as non-existent and the promotions they issued to their respective members are not recognized by the Directorate of ZODIACSSS.

Brgy. Capt. Rodel Evidente of Brgy. Burgos was the only one promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt, during the Barangay Tanod Arnis and Adino Self Defense Training last March 30, 2011 at the Don Bernardo Benedicto Plaza, Cadiz City. The Skills Enhancement Training was conducted by ZODIACSSS of Founder/Grandmaster Pastor Julius B. Delasan, 9th Degree Red Belt, in cooperation with the Cadiz City Office of the Mayor under Hon. Patrick G. Escalante, M.D., and Public Assistance and Reaction Against Crime (PARAC). On the other hand, the special promotion to Black Belt given to Raul Barcenilla of DVFGMNHS (Cadiz City) has been declared void and appointment and license cancelled for the reason of non-compliance to requirements and training for instructorship.

Special promotions were also given to Alvin Alegarbes, Noel Oliveros, and Marivic Solatorio to 1st Degree Black Belts after the seminar on Arnis and Adino Self Defense conducted by Master Romeo G. Banas and Rev. GM Julius Delasan last Jul 17-18, 2011 at the Red Musang, ZODIACSSS Region VI Headquarters, Victorias City, Negros Occidental.

Master Romeo G. Banas, National executive Director, and Dave Michael D. Sevillo, National Training Supervisor, were tasked to spearhead the training of barangay tanods in Negros Occidental. Interested local government officials may contact Banas at 0930-203-3087 or Sevillo at 0949-485-3457.

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