Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snack Bar Burglarized by James U. Sy Jr.

A newly opened snack bar within the Libertad area has been burglarized recently. The owner, who was interviewed by this writer during an ocular inspection, has requested to withhold the name of the establishment. The crime transpired at a time when it was raining hard and there was a brownout, perhaps somewhere around 1:00 AM. Investigating police have determined that the crime has been committed by a child, presumably a boy, as indicated in the muddy footprints left at the crime scene. Fingerprints had also been lifted. The snack bar has a shutter but the perpetrator got over the low perimeter wall adjacent to the establishment, managed to saw off one of the grills, break the jalousie glasses, and snake himself inside the snack bar. The small space created by the sawing off further substantiates the theory that the burglar was a child. It is not clear, however, if he has an adult accomplice waiting outside. The collections from the insert-coin water refilling station, which was not that significant an amount, was taken as well as the powder for the insert-coin coffee machine, which runs to about P3,000.00. An imitation iPad was also stolen and a juice was drank and its container left behind. The burglar, however, failed to steal more since not much cash have been left within the premises. Others were too big to fit into the small opening. The place was turned upside down. The suspect left behind a lighter which he used to light his way, the saw used, and a slipper. Police theorize that the suspect is the same one who stole garments being dried in a clothesline at a nearby parlor owned by a gay. It is believed that the suspect is a rugby boy. This writer also suspects that the perpetrator have observed the establishment before committing the crime. There is still no development in the investigation or arrests as of press time. A few months back, a backyard type computer repair shop along Rosario-Locsin Sts. Had also been burglarized. When the suspects, estimated by police to be around three, could not pick the locks, they forced a hole in the wooden door, entered, and using a sack used as a trash container for the premises, stole a number of DVD players, an assortment of tools, and other items. Time of crime was also estimated to be around early morning, about 2 AM. Let this be a warning to the public not to be complacent. Always make sure that your properties are secured properly. Make back ups for your grills, locks, doors, and the like. Criminals make a surveillance of their possible targets.

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