Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The Octagon Martial Arts of Founder/Chief Instructor Carmelino “Jun” Rojo Jr. hosted a Goodwill Kickboxing Sparring Match Ups and Rank Promotions last February 24, 2008 at Had Zaragosa, Central Ma-ao, Bago City , Negros Occidental.

10 Kickboxing bouts were fought between the Bacolod and Ma-ao Chapters of the Octagon Martial Arts as well as invited female Kickboxers from the Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main (BFMAA-Main) of Chief Instructor and Wushu Federation of the Philippines (WFP) Negros Occidental Coordinator Joery C. Amante, 4th Degree Black Belt.

Supporting the activity were Founder/Chief Instructor Sonny Villagonzalo of the Scorpion Friendship Athletic Group (SFAG), 2nd Degree Black Belt, who served as referee for the matches, and Founder/Chief Instructor Edson Daut of Pentagon Martial Arts, 5th Degree Black Belt, who was one of the Rank Preomotion Panel.

Results: Reynalyn “Ren-Ren” Jacob of BFMAA-Main and Frias Ann Catanyag of OMA fought to a draw. Ma. Kristina Bianan of BFMAA-Main and Rose Ann Sidorio of OMA fought to a draw. Jerlyn Anulo of BFMAA-Main and Kriselle Malate of OMA fought to a draw. Arnel Pabon of OMA-Ma-ao over Maru Jhan Brady of OMA-Bacolod by retirement. AJ Mondejar of OMA-Bacolod and Billy Rojo of OMA-Ma-ao fought to a draw.

Ildefonso Camelo of OMA-Bacolod over Jonvi Sidorio of OMA-Ma-ao by retirement at 56 seconds of the 2nd round. Joel Dacomos of OMA-Ma-ao over Bon candelario of OMA-Bacolod/Ma-ao by TKO at 43 seconds of the 2nd round. Larry Laurencio of OMA-Ma-ao over Israel Joqueno of OMA-Bacolod by points. Jimboy Lagman of OMA-Bacolod and Frederick Catanyag of OMA-Ma-ao fought to a draw due to RSC injury. Jonard Amparado of OMA-Ma-ao and Virgilio Rojo of OMA-Bacolod fought to a draw.

Rank promotions to 1st and 2nd class green belt were also awarded to Melbert Andrisio, Lorna Esmeralda, Mhil Guardiano, Joebert Lachica, Christopher Maglina, Sheen Muyco, Ariel Pabon, and Romeo Solano.

Master Rojo (Born: 1958) is one of the old timers who up to now continues the practice and instruction of the martial arts. He began martial arts training at 7 years old under his uncle Carlito Rojo of Vilcat Karate, then a student of Crimonology at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (UNO-R), in 1965. In 1968, the young Rojo learned from another uncle, Abraham de la Cruz, who was a Western Boxing champion in Japan .

Rojo earned his brown belt in Karate under Founder/Club Head Willy Luberesco, 3rd Degree Black Belt, at the Negros Karate Center of the Philippines where he trained from 1975 to 1979. He also studied Judo with Artagman Artus, 1st Degree Black Belt, President of the Crime buster at UNO-R from 1986 to 1992 and earned his brown belt 1st class in Judo. Rojo also learned the basics of Taekwondo from Mario Montano, 1st Degree Black Belt, from 1986 to 1988.

Today, Master Rojo is ranked 4th Degree Black Belt in both TRACMA (Trovador Ramos Consolidated Asian Martial Arts) and Kickboxing (Pentagon Martial Arts), 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan (under Grandmaster Casimiro Grandeza, promoted 1990), and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate (under the Masthodon Karate Club of the late Master Roberto “Berting” Garde, promoted 1987) and Arnis (under Grandmaster Jerson “Nene” Tortal, 1979).

Fighters donning the Octagon Martial Arts banner had fought in Karate, Kickboxing, and lately, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions. OMA MMA fighters who had fought in the Octagon and/or Ring include Luis Bascarpa, Ramil Delgado, Joseph Fabrigar, 4 times BRAWL veteran Ravelo Guavez, Alvin Libo-on, BRAWL II champion and 2003 La Carlota Kickboxing champion Mark Rojo, and Romeo Solano.

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