Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Civil Relation Service (CSR) under SSGt. Deo Daun, SSgt. Jerry Abu, and SSgt. Lito Sarmiento presented a self defense symposium last February 8, 2008 at the Bacolod Christian Center (BCC), Luzuriaga St. , Bacolod City.

Resource persons were Founder/Master Roy R. Flores Sr., 6th degree Tapondo, of Tribu Hangaway (TH) and his assitant Ricardo Sorillo. The duo gave a short lecture and demonstration on dealing/coping with criminal acts.

Flores explained some basic principles of crime prevention and neutralization to the students present and demonstrated various methods of defending against a hold up situation and a knife stabbing attack. Flores used a mixture of Tapondo, Arnis, Wushu Sanshou, and Grappling in dealing with these threats.

The symposium was organized to give students some basic idea on what to expect and what to do and not to do during an attack in the streets. Students as of late had become victims of street crimes simply because they lack awareness in their surroundings and are often seen as ideal targets. The AFP CSR is trying to change this by educating students and hopefully parents and schools will also take a pro-active stand on this matter.

Flores ’ Tribu Hangaway (TH) previously presented an arnis demonstration during a CRS Symposium and Feeding Program last September 23, 2007 at Brgy. 4 in Bacolod City .

Flores is the Negros Island Chief Instructor for Tapondo International Federation Inc. (TIFI), the
Oriental Negros Provincial Coordinator for Wushu Federation of the Philippines (WFP), Asst. Treasurer for Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS), Board Director for Arnis Philippines-Bacolod/Negros Chapter (ArPi-Bac/Neg), International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines (IMAFP), and Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF), Health Management Chairman of the now inactive Brotherhood of Mixed Martial Artists of Bacolod (BOMB), and member of the Muay Association of the Philippines-Negros Occidental (MAP-Neg. Occ.).

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