Monday, June 23, 2008


The Golden Katana Women’s Kickboxing Federation (GKWKF) was founded by Masters Carmelino “Jun” Rojo Jr., 4th Degree Black Belt, of the Octagon Martial Arts, Joery C. Amante, 4th Degree Black Belt, of Black Falcon Martial Arts Association (BFMAA)-Main, and Ricardo P. Filipinas, 5th Degree Black Belt, and Arthur A. Alvañez, 3rd Degree Black Belt, of Sacred Ki Art of Filipino Footfighting (SKAFF) recently in Bacolod City.

Today, the number of women taking up the martial arts is increasing and a good number of them had decided to take the competitive path. However, males still dominate existing martial arts organizations and as such, programs are based on masculine standards.

The Fouders of GKWKF had been operating their own groups before and were propagating Kickboxing and allied arts until they decided to band together to form an organization that will address this void of furthering women’s interest in the martial sport of Kickboxing or Sipa Sumbag as it is known in the local vernacular.

The newly formed federation conducted their inagural tournament, the 1st GKWKF Bacolod Women’s Kickboxing Tournament last May 18, 2008 at Villa Lucasan, Brgy. Mandalagan and on May 24, 2008 at the Negros Occidental Multi-Purpose Activity Center (NOMPAC), Bacolod City.

May 18, 2008 Results: Jilyn Quirante of OMA over Rhea Bantiling of SKAFF. Rolanda Casubong of OMA and Ma. Cristina Bianan of BFMAA-Main fought to a draw. Renalyn “Ren-Ren” Jacob of BFMAA-Main over Annabelle Valderama of SKAFF via RSC at 0.46 of the 2nd round. Jenelyn M. Rojo of SKAFF over Rose Ann Sedorio of PKO.

Nico Aguirre of SKAFF over Ivan Joquino of PKO. Angelito Chavez of BFMAA-Main over Robert Lachica. Ildefonso Camelo of OMA over John Mark Bosico of BFMAA-Main. Janry Amante of BFMAA-Main ove Shalom Joquino of OMA. Dennis D. Iligan of SKAFF over Michael Ellamar of OMA. Eric Jim Cadagat of SKAFF over Herman Solano of OMA. Billy Rojo of OMA and John Ray Penit of PKO fought to a draw. Jonvi of OMA and Mhil Guardiano of PKO fought to a draw. Puerto Española of SKAFF over John Molina of PKO.

Officials: Master Carmelino “Jun” Rojo Jr. of the Octagon Martial Arts, Master Joery C. Amante of Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main, Master Ricardo P. Filipinas of Sacred Ki Art of Filipino Footfighting, and Arthur A. Alvañez Sensei of Shotokan Karate (Tournament Organizers); Prk. President Ricardo Malaga, Kagawad Ely Mejorada, and Kagawad Jun Cenon, all of Villa Lucasan and all practitioners of Karate and Boxing (Judges); Kagawads Eden Dumagais and Roy Navarete (Table Officials), and Founder Edson Daut of Pentagon Karate Organization (Guest Instructor).

Founding members of the Golden Katana Women’s Kickboxing Federation (GKWKF) are Black Falcon Martial Arts Association (BFMAA)-Main (founded 1970s), February 24, 2008 (founded November 1, 1980), Pentagon Karate Organization (founded May 20, 1983) of Founder Edson Daut, Sacred Ki Art of Filipino Footfighting (founded 1980s), and Scorpion Friendship Athletic Group (founded 1985) of Founder/Chief Instructor Sonny Villagonzalo.

Last February 24, 2008, February 24, 2008 organized an OMA Goodwill Kickboxing Sparring Match Ups and Rank Promotions at Hda. Zaragosa, Central Ma-ao, Bago City which was supported by BFMAA-Main, PKO, and SFAG.

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