Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brgy. Alicante, E.B. Magalona Tanod Grad Held By: James U. Sy Jr.

The Brgy. Alicante Council of E.B. Magalona under the leadership of Hon. Punong Brgy. Gelita S. Parcon in cooperation with the Talisay City-based Bassdumas Combat Sports of Founder/Chief Instructor Ian B. Negrido held the graduation rites for 12 Brgy. Public Safety Officers (BPSO/brgy. tanod) who completed the Advanced Training in Survival: Defensive Tactics Agaisnt Bladed and Impact weapons and Handcuffing Procedures in accosting and Arresting last July 12, 2009 at the Public Plaza, Brgy. Alicante, Municipality of E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental.

The training started last April 26, 2009 and was held every Sunday, each session lasting two hours. The crash course included fundamentals on stances, punches, kicks, blocks, locking, throwing, and weapons for law enforcement use.

Featured instructor was Ian B. Negrido, 5th Degree Black Belt, Founder/Chief Instructor of Bassdumas (Baston Sipa Sumbag Dumog Martial Arts Society) Combat Sports, under the superviusion of Master Romeo G. Banas, 7th Degree Red Belt, Founder of the Victorias City-based Red Musang Self Defense Combat Sports.

Hon. Punong Brgy. Gelita S. Parcon expressed her enthusiasm over the training of the tanods in the indigenous Filipino Martial Art (FMA) of Arnis, “I hope that with your new found skills, you can better serve your barangay in maintaining peace and order. We are enthusiastic in holding similar trainings in the near future.”

Arnis is the standard generic term for the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) as recognized by the Philippine Government. Arnis is the Filipino transmutation of the Spanish Arnes, which referred to the colorful armor/trappings worn by warrior stage actors of the friar introduced socio-religious plays such as the Komedya, Zarzuela, etc. during the Spanish Era. Eskrima is an earlier term, having been recorded in church records as early as the 1700s in Paete, Laguna. Eskrima is a corruption of the Spanish Escrima “Fencing.” Yaming is an indigenous Karay-a term used in Panay Island, the place where the folkloric 10 Bornean Datus supposedly landed in the 11th Century.

Guest of honor Mr. zosimo Q. Maravilla, in his priviledge speech, suggested to the Brgy. Alicante Council, to augment this training with a future workshop on laws applicable to law enforcement and the legalities in arresting suspects.

The method taught was Adino Eznite, an eclectic form of martial arts which combines the best aspects of several established systems such as Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Arnis, etc. The style traces its roots to Grandmaster Dionision Valencia who taught it to Col. Meliton Geronimo, Julius B. Delasan, and Capt. Emma Henry way back in 1957 in UP Los BaƱos. Grandmaster Julius B. Delasan, 9th Degree Red Belt, Founder of Zion Original Disciples in Arnis and Combat Sports (ZODIACS) Philippines (SEC Reg. No. CN200725845), taught Adino Eznite to Master Romeo G. Banas, the instructor of Ian B. Negrido. Master Banas serves as Deputy National Vice President and Region 6 Training Director of ZODIACS Philippines. Master Banas was originally from Zamboanga del Norte but immigrated to Negros in 1987 where he started teaching in 1990. By 1993, he already had 5,000 students all over Negros.

The graduates were Alex P. Bejemino, Wenifredo B. Castillo, Cristobal M. Escarilla, Benjie c. Fernandez, Rolando G. Fernandez, Jose C. Gomez, Jerry Y. Guanzon, Beinvenido B. Juanillo Jr., Mario C. Pasan, John O. Rafol, Melbert M. Rizalde, and Ronilo O. Robante.
Special awards were also given for the exemplary performance of the graduates. Mario C. Pasan is the most awarded tanod, having been honored with four out of five given out. Perfect Attendance, Best in Bladed Disarming, Best in Handcuffing, and Best in Gun Disarming). John O. Rafol had two (Perfect Attendance and Best in Bladed Disarming).

Other awardees were Jerry Y. Guanzon (Perfect Attendance), Jose C. Gomez and Melbert M. Rizalde (Best in Stick Disarming) , and Rolando G. Fernandez and Beinvenido B. Juanillo Jr. (Best in Empty hand Combat).

Guests were the training’s primary sponsor, Mr. Zosimo Q. Maravilla; Hon. Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Officer Cherry C. Lacida, who represented Hon. Mayor David Albert Lacson and Hon. Vice Mayor Reynaldo “Rex” Depasucat Jr.; Mrs. Janet Banas; Hon. Punong Brgy. Amalia Y. Engada of Brgy. Manta-angan; Engr. Edgar Beduyas; Brgy. Alicante Council composed of Hon. Punong Brgy. Gelita S. Parcon, Hon. Kagawad Joel B. Antonio, Hon. Kagawad Jose P. Bejemino, Hon. Kagawad Moreto S. celeste, Hon. Kagawad Samuel N. Dido Jr., Hon. Kagawad Chona B. Gatilao, Edralyn D. Negara, Hon. Kagawad Leah E. Ruiz, Hon. Kagawad Edgardo P. Zulueta, Brgy. Secretary Georgie B. Buenconsejo, and Brgy. Treasurer Johana B. lataquin; Founder/Master James U. Sy Jr. of Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc.; and Joseph Daquel of RMN DYHB and Bobby Samson of DYAF.

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Cesar T. Miguel said...

I am glad that Master Romeo G. Banas is still active in training people especially tanods in martial arts. Many years ago, he inspired me to learn martial arts under the Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines until i earned my 4th degree blackbelt during the early 90's and later earned a directorship under the Arkido Brotherhood of the Philippines.
Now that i am a Ph.D. holder, my enthusiasm as a practitioner is still strong. Thanks to the inspiration of master banas. What the Brgy. Alicante council is doing under the supervision of Master Romeo G. Banas in training barangay tanods in combat and self defense is public service at its best. We hope we can do it here in Iligan City.