Friday, July 3, 2009

Brgy. Tanod Training to Be Concluded By; James U. Sy Jr.

The Skills Advancement Training for the Brgy. Alicante tanods is scheduled to be concluded this coming July 12, 2009 at Brgy. Alicante, E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental.

The training was organized by the Brgy. Alicante Council and Mr. Zozimo Q. Maravilla for 12 Brgy. Public Safety Officers (BPSO). It started last April 26. Training is every Sunday, 2 hours per meeting.

Featured instructor for the training is Founder/Chief Instructor Ian Negrido of the Talisay City-based Bassdumas (Baston, Sipa Sumbag, and Dumog Martial Arts Society). Negrido is ranked 5th degree Black Belt with the Eznite Adino Combat under ZODIACS Philippines, Inc. Founder Julius P. Delasan, 9th Degree Red Belt, and its VP Romeo G. Banas, 7th Degree Red Belt.

The training included advanced survival defensive tactics and impact weapons as well as arresting and handcuffing techniques for non-lethal but effective results.

Bassdumas (Baston, Sipa Sumbag, and Dumog Martial Arts Society), a member of ZODIACS Philippines, Inc., teaches several forms of martial arts to prepare its students and members in the different ranges and aspects of fighting. The baston “Cane (EspaƱol)” in its name refers to its weapon arsenal, more commonly known as Arnis or eskrima. Sipa Sumbag “Kickboxing (Hiligaynon)” is the Ilonggo interpretation of the mixture of traditional Karate and Western Boxing. Dumog is the indigenous Visayan form of grappling that can be traced to Panay.

Some Bassdumas students had success in recent tournaments. Romnick Malam won consecutively during the "Bakbakan sa Victorias” (April 24, 2009, Victorias City) and the “Bakbakan sa E. B. Magalona” Mixed martial Arts titls (April 27, 2009, E. B. Magalona) as well as during the Tribe W.A.R. (Warrior’s Art Rumble) IV (Muay Thai division). Another Bassdumas ward, Ferdinand Garcia also won in the E.B. Magalona and the Tribe W.A.R. events.

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