Saturday, January 21, 2012

A commentary

          The above video clip is a commentary of GM Benefredo Mamar Lobrido to what he considered to be a  replica or a true representation  of a form in espada y daga demonstration. He showed us this form because he watched a demo in recent activities wherein espada y daga was not properly performed or was not properly represented by the performer. He said even he himself felt ashamed of the performance.  In ilonggo term he said "Makahuluya, indi amo" (Its a shame. That is not it)
         He then picked up two sticks and showed us how to do the espada y daga thing.  It is really sad that some people are not prepared to do justice to the system. And he advised us that before doing the demonstration be sure that you do justice to the form you are representing, because there are people watching and one can not be sure that if there are experts present around. Be sure to practice the form before showing it to the public.
         He said that he may not be doing it right, but this is how he used to be taught by his  teachers. And what he showed us he said was how I interpret the said system.

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