Friday, June 16, 2017

“Paglaum” Editorial Board Formed by James U. Sy Jr.

The Editorial Board of Paglaum, the official Graduate Studies publication of the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College-Fortune Towne Campus (CHMSC-FT), was recently established under Resoultion No. 2014-001 during a meeting at the Faculty Office, CHMSC-FT, Brgy. Estafania. The creation of the Editorial Board was a step forward towards the achievement of one of the requirements for the institution’s upgrading from a college to a university - an official publication for the Gradual School. Dr. Ma. Teresa B. Ballados, Dean of the Graduate School, with the recommendation of Dr. Ma. Johanna Ann R. Bayoneta, approached James U. Sy Jr. of MBA 1 to led the team that will produce the first ever publication for the Graduate School of CHMSC-FT. The Editorial Board is composed of James U. Sy Jr. (Editor-in-Chief), Rodha Marien D. Dimate (Associate Editor-in-Chief), Marivic O. Gale (Managing Editor), Jesseth P. de los Santos (Lifestyle/Events Editor), and Rollen P. Balquin and Annaliza “Lissy” Tan-Perigua (Columnists). Sy, a Full Time Instructor at Bacolod City College (BCC), holds a BS degree in Marketing Management from the University of St. La Salle (USLS). He has 16 years experience in writing since 1998, having written thousands of articles for not less than 13 newspapers in Region 6 and a journal in Manila. He is currently a Columnist and Feature Writer for Negros Daily Bulletin (NDB), writes for 3 other newspapers, and was formerly Reg. 6 Correspondent for Rapid Journal (Manila). Dimate, Audit Assistant-Internal Audit at Lopez Sugar Corporation, holds a BS degree in Accountancy (Class 2009) from the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College-Fortune Towne Campus (CHMSC-FT). She served as Editor-in-Chief of the Technopacer, the official undergraduate publication of CHMSC-FT, from 2007 to 2009. Gale, State Auditor 1 at the Commission on Audit (COA), holds a BS degree in Accountancy also from CHMSC-FT. She served as Feature Editor for the Technopacer. De Los Santos, an Account Manager at Shorecloud Corporation, holds a BS degree in Nursing from USLS. She served as Managing Editor of St. Scholastica’s Academy (SSA) Batch 2001 Yearbook and has submitted article for Sun Star Bacolod in 2004. Balquin, Member Consumer Services Coordinator for the Central Electric Cooperative (CENECO), holds an AB English degree from Bago City College (BCC) with 15 units of Supplemental for Education. He conducts periodic seminars for the consumers of CENECO. Tan-Perigua, a Client Service Associate (CSA 4) (General Services) at Banco de Oro (BDO)-Capitol shooping Branch, holds a degrre in Liberal arts and commerce major in Applied Economics and Business Management from USLS. She has written for both The Clarion (Tay Tung High School) and The Spectrum (USLS). The board had unanimously decided to invite John Gerald A. Pilar, MAEd, as their Adviser, and to adopt “Paglaum” as the name of the official Graduate Studies publication, in reference to the old name of the institution, Paglaum State College. Pilar, who had completed academic requirements (CAR) for his doctorate degree with the specific dsicipline of applied linguistics, had served as Adviser for Technopace in 2013. The accreditation papers of the Graduate Studies publication is currently under scrutiny for recommendation by Ernesto Java Jr., Ph.D., Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs (OSA), and Prof. Ma. Isabel D. Tubera, Executive Director, and approval by Renato M. Sorolla, Ph.D., SUC President II, thru Prof. Edwin B. Villaruz, Director, Student Affairs.

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