Saturday, June 17, 2017

YOU MEAN ALL THE WOMEN IN THE WORLD TO ME By: James U. Sy Jr. (Previously published on Facebook)

One day in APRIL full of SUNSHINE, I AVA dream. I’ve been COLEEN a name and that name is yours. I heard my HEART asking, “JUVYlieve in magic?” THERESE this unexplainable JOY that I feel DAPHNIE down. I WANDA what it is. CANDICE be LOVE? I BETH EMMA MADIE in love. YVETTE my life it’s you. But AIMEE be wrong. AGATHA be sure. DINA flashback. A very CLARA mirror appeared in front of me, “MARAH, MIRA on the wall, who is the FERLYest of them all?” Then I saw AVERY beautiful PRINCESS, a JEWEL of jewels, from out of nowhere. GWYN I GLAIZA her way and try to give her a ROSE, I saw the face and the GRACE of an ANGEL coming from CLAUDIA 9. Her voice is MELODY to my ears. Her SWEETIE smile IZZA gift from heaven to give light to all those who need JOYCE in this world. But she turned away and IRINE after her and caught her in the NICKA time, JUSTINE time to tell her “I miss you; EUNICE me too? JOSIE that I need you? It’s VINA long time that I was waiting for you. Would JULIET me in your heart?” “ERICKA, eureka, I’ve found love! Is GERSYL as real can be? Are you for RHEA? JESSA minute my PRECIOUS maiden! DONNA run away HONEY, ALEXplain. DEBBIE or not to be, that is the question. LENY your ears, LINDA hand. JOHANNA MARY me? I HOPE you’ll say I’ll do and BEA my everdearest. ESTER a way I can make you say yes? Please NADIA head, CAMILLE to me, LIEZ start and BRIGETTE our love till time shall be no more. I RILEY love you, a love as clear as CYRSTAL and as sweet as SUGAR. LETTY begin our forever. If your heart was broken before let me HILDA wound. Let’s RHODA CARLA to church. You’ll be a JUNE bride and you’ll be the QUEENIE of my EMILY. CRIS my heart, I’ll love you like no other. My heart will DESIREE you alone. YOLLY be the only one for me or ELSA AIDA rather die. MARTHA my word, JUDY love of my life. ImaJANE us together for life. Are you REVE for my love? ZOE please come with me. It’s a SHANE I didn’t meet you earlier. But WINNIE LUZ I’ll still love you.” As I touch your PINKY cheeks and I look into your AIZA, it became CLAIRE that EULA the one for me. I’m GLADYS God made you as my EVE. I MAE be imperfect and not RITZIE but I KIM promise to make you FE special. I will RYZA to the occasion, against EMY and OLIVE obstacles, and IVY here for you always. I will CHERRY each moment that we are together. DAISY love I know. I will love you no LEIZEL more. I’ll never make you cry NORA leave you.

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