Sunday, January 4, 2009


We encounter many difficult things in life. One of them is in our dealings or relationship with many people we interact with most particularly with our fellow Christian brethrens. It is a fact that some professing Christians in someway do act or show indifference to manifest displeasure, disgust, disagreement with others. These are normal reactions coming from normal human beings. However, we Christians must be guided with the principle of "being angry but sinning not". We can show displeasure or disagreement the right way by controlling or taming our tongue. St. James, in his letters compared the tongue to a rudder of a big ship. It is a small part of the ship but is able to steer and direct the large part of the vessel. Our tongue can either say blessings or curse. It can utter words of encouragement or words of destruction and discouragement.

Our ideas or discourses maybe correct but the manner we assert or say things to stress our points do matter a lot. It is not a matter of just being right but a matter of saying things the right way. Many parents mean the right things but say it the wrong way. So, also are the children mean to express the right things to heir parents only saying them the wrong way too.

Let us ask ourselves these questions; first "What is my intention of saying this"? Second, "What is the best way of saying it"? Third, "Will saying it build the correct relationship"? We can always show our disagreement or displeasure without contempt, disrespect or hatred towards others. "SAY IT BUT SAY IT THE RIGHT CHRISTIAN WAY WITH LOVE AND RESPECT".

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