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The Tai Chi Circle of Bacolod (TCCB) will be having a get together today, January 28, 2008 at Cocobana, Luxur Place, Bacolod City.

TCCB is a non-profit, non-competitive network of career professionals dedicated to concentrated study of the thousand years old Chinese internal art of Tai Chi Chuan “Grand Ultimate Fist” to improve one’s health and quality of life.

The group failed to have a get together last Christmas due to the busy schedule of everyone. The final date was arrived at when members agreed to have it on the 28th, instead of the 26th on the Chinese New Year, so all of the members can come. Atty. Alex Ang of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will be flying from Manila just in time for the gathering.

The Tai Chi Circle of Bacolod (TCCB) turned 8 years old last July 17, 2008, making it perhaps the longest existing training network/group of Tai Chi enthusiasts in both Bacxolod City and Negros Occidental.

The Tai Chi Circle of Bacolod (TCCB) was founded by several career professionals on July 17, 2000 in Bacolod City.

The group was formed when several would-be founding members convinced Peter John Lloren Yap to lead the training. Yap was hesitant at first because he was just doing Tai Chi for personal consumption, that is to rehabilitate an injury that he sustained in his younger days. He later agreed provided it would be a non-commercial learning group with no fees.

According to Chinese oral tradition, the legendary Taoist Chan Sang-Feng developed Tai Chi Chuan after having practiced and mastered the external art of Shaolin Chuan “Small Forest Fist.” He reportedly observed a fight between a crane and a snake. Inspite of the serpent’s combative advantage he was defeated by the bird who avoided his attacks by flowing with them and striking back with his beak. Thus, the flowing movements of Tai Chi Chuan were discovered.

The name Grand Ultimate Fist is a homage to the metaphysical principle Yin/Yang, which governs everything in the universe. Yin and Ying represent two opposing yet complementary forces that maintain equilibrium in the cosmos. An interplay of the two forces is essential since when one becomes greater, an imbalance presents itself. Grand Ultimate Fist is therefore the art that prevents imbalances and blockages in the human internal system with the proper practice of Chi Kung (energy work), meditation, performing the forms, and observing a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Tai Chi Chuan was made popular by the Chen Clan and modified by Yang Lu-Chan into Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Today, there are many styles of the art such as Wu, Sun, Hao, and the competition routines put together by the Mainland Chinese Government.

TCCB is concentrated on the study of the Yang Chia 24-steps and the Cheng Man-Ching (Zheng Manqing) 37-steps. TCCB’s primary goal is to improve one’s quality of life through cultivation of the mind and inner peace, correct breathing, and non-impact/non-injurous physical exercise through Tai Chi Chuan, proper diet, a health centered lifestyle, and a harmonious relationship with one’s brothers and sisters in and outside the art. Many had joined the group to contain their diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, etc.

Active TCCB members include Atty. Alexander Ang of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Charles Atas, Letty Chiu, Pepe Chiu, Catherine Friend, Cecille H. Magsaysay, Guillermo “Bill” L. Gomez, Rey Granada, Pepito Khey, Humberto “Toti” Lim, Felipe Lio, Celedinio Perez Jr., Alex Su, Sagay Councilor James Tupas, Jose Uy Jr., and Stephen Young.

Interested parties may contact Jose Uy Jr. at 434-7664 and join training for FREE every MWF 8:00 P.M. at Oceanlight Import and Export, Magsaysay St., Bacolod City.

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