Saturday, January 10, 2009


NovEMBER 8-9, 2008
World Balintawak Seminar
Fiesta Henderson Casino/hotel

From left to right: Grandmaster Sam L. Buot (Balintawak), Grandmaster Jorge V. Peñafiel (Balintawak/Putakti), Grandmaster Christopher Ricketts (Kalis Ilustrisimo), Grandmaster Bobby Tabimina (Balintawak), Grandmaster Bobby Taboada (BAlintawak, Grandmaster Nene Gaabucayan (Balintawak), Grandmaster Raffy Pambuan (Pambuan/Tulisan Maginoo Arnis), and Master Sammuel Scott of Baltimore, MAryland (FMA, KArate/Kung fu).

#2 Balintawak/Putakti System Core Group under Founder/Grandmaster Jorge V. Peñafiel

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bo said...

"From Las Vegas and Cincinnati, kamusta dah mga kasimanwa? An honor to be in your Blog and introduced there in the Visayas specially in my hometown of Lapaz, Iloilo. Thus from our Hearts We Welcome You All".
James, hope to see you again in Iloilo. Really, I commend you for all your splended efforts and commitments in your writings most definitely about our beloved Filipino Martial Arts System.We here in the USA are also doing our bests to do so.
My regards!!!
GM Jorge V. Penafiel