Sunday, December 13, 2009

Penn Beats Sanchez in UFC 107 By: James U. Sy Jr.

BJ Penn, 31, successfully defended his UFC lightweight crown against no. 1 challenger Diego Sanchez, 27, with a 5th round TKO with a time of 2:37 at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 107 last December 12, 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Penn easily manhandled Sanchez throughout the match, dropping him early on with a big right hand in the first round. Sanchez tried to take Penn down but failed. In about two times that he succeeded in doing so, Penn just effortlessly got back up. At certain points in the fight the crowd booed. Penn improved to 15-5-1 while Sanchez dropped to 23-3.

Referee Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight due to the deep gash over the left eye of Sanchez. Sanchez’s face was badly swollen from all the punches he took from Penn. He was taken to the hospital after the bout.

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