Monday, December 28, 2009

Team Philippines Brings Home SEAG Medals in Combat Sports By: James U. Sy Jr.

The Filipinos are well known in excelling in combat sports. The likes of Pancho Villa, Manny Pacquiao, Monsour del Rosario, John Baylon, Rene Catalan, etc. is a testament to this fact. In the recent 25th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games held in Vientiane, Laos, athletes from combat sports have contributed significantly to the overall medal haul of the country.

BOXING. Bouts held December 14-17, 2009. The Philippine Boxing Team brought home a 5-1-3 medal haul. Gold: Annie Albania (flyweight), Alice Apparri (light flyweight), Gabuco Josie (pinweight), Charley Suarez (featherweight) via KO, and Bill Vicera (pinweight). Silver: Harry TaƱamor (light flyweight). Bronze: Joegin Landon (light welterweight), Mitchel Martinez (featherweight), and Rey Saludar (flyweight). Martinez lost a 4-7 decision to Thai Peamwilai Laopeam.

JUDO. Bouts held December 15-17, 2009. The Philippine Taekwondo Team brought home a 2-1-5 medal haul. Gold: John Baylon (Over 73 Kg. up to 81 Kg.) and Nancy Quillotes (Over 40 Kg. up to 45 Kg.). Silver: Ruth Dugaduga (Over 70 Kg. up to 78 Kg.). Bronze: Helen Dawa (Over 45 Kg. up to 48 Kg.), Nancy Quillotes and Noemie Candari (Women’s Jyu No Kata), Gilbert Ramirez (Over 66 Kg. up to 73 Kg.), Rick Senales (Over 81 Kg. up to 90 Kg.), and Karen Ann Solomon (Over 63 Kg. up to 70 Kg.).

KARATE-DO. Bouts held December 10-12, 2009. The Philippine Taekwondo Team brought home a 1-2-3 medal haul. Gold: Gold: Marna Pabillore (Kumite 55 Kg. below). Silver: Rolando Lagman Jr. (Kumite 75 Kg. below) and Lutche Metante (Kumite 68 Kg. above). Bronze: Noel Espinosa (Men’s Individual Kata), Ace Eso (Kumite 55 Kg. below), and Men’s Kumite Team.

MUAY THAI. Bouts held December 10-15, 2009. The Philippine Muay Team brought home a 1-3-5 medal haul, beating their 0-5-5 performance in the 24th SEA Games (2007, Thailand). All members of the Philippine Muay Team have each won a medal. Gold: Zaidi Laruan (lightweight). Silver: Roland Claro (light flyweight), Romnick Pabalate of Mabinay, Oriental Negros (flyweight), and Jonathan Polosan (light welterweight). Bronze: Harold Gregorio (welterweight), May Libao (pinweight), Preciosa Ocaya (flyweight), and Ana Marie Rey (bantamweight), and Maricel Subang (light flyweight).

PENCAK SILAT. Bouts held December 12, 17, 2009. The Philippine Taekwondo Team brought home a 0-1-1 medal haul. Silver: Nurhabir Sansis Is (Class I 85 Kg.-90 Kg.). Bronze: Marniel Dimla (Class F 70 Kg.-75 Kg.).

TAEKWONDO. Bouts held December 9-11, 2009. The Philippine Taekwondo Team brought home a 4-4-4 medal haul. Gold: Francesca Alarilla, Carla Lagman, and Rani Ann Ortega (Women’s Poomsae Team), Alexander Briones (heavyweight), Tshomlee Go (featherweight), and M. Rivero (welterweight). Silver: Eunice Alora (bantamweight), Marlon Avenido (welterweight), Kirstie Alora (heavyweight), and John Paul Lizardo (finweight). Bronze: Jeffrey Figueroa (bantamweight), Jyra Lizardo (flyweight), Anthony Matias, Brian Sabido, and Jean Sabido (Men’s Poomsae Team), and Rani Ann Ortega and Jean Sabido (Poomsae Mixed Pair).

WRESTLING. Bouts held December 15-17, 2009. The Philippine Taekwondo Team brought home a 3-2-4 medal haul. Gold: Jimmy Angana (Over 60 Kg. up to 66 Kg.), Margarito Angana (55 Kg. Greco-Roman), and Jason Balabal (Over 74 Kg. up to 84 Kg.). Silver: Michael Baletin (74 Kg. Greco-Roman) and Paulo Delos Santos (50 Kg.). Bronze: Jerry Angana (Over 50 Kg. up to 55 Kg.), Maribel Jambora (45 Kg.), Roque Mana-ay (Over 55 Kg. up to 60 Kg.), and Melchor Tumasis (60 Kg. Greco-Roman).

WUSHU. Bouts held December 15-17, 2009. The Philippine Taekwondo Team brought home a 2-2-4 medal haul. Gold: Mark Eddiva (Sanshou 65 Kg.) and Mariane Mariano (Sanshou 60 Kg.). Silver: Benjie Rivera (Sanshou 56 Kg.) and Mary Jane Estimar (Sanshou 52 Kg.). Bronze: Jessie Aligaga (Sanshou 48 Kg.), Denver Labrador (Sanshou 60 Kg.), Daniel Parantac (Men’s Tai Ji Quan), and Rhea May Rifani (Sanshou 48 Kg.).

The 11 countries that saw action during the games were Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam.

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