Monday, December 28, 2009

TKD Beauties Get SEAG Poomse Gold By: James U. Sy Jr.

Taekwondo jins Camille Alarilla, Janice Lagman, and Rani Ann Ortega gave the Philippines its first gold medal during the opening day of the 25th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games Vientiane, Laos.

The Filipinas earned 16.97 points to win the poomsae title in the taekwondo event. Their Thai counterparts settled for the silver medal. Cousins Alarilla, Lagman, and Ortega had also won in the World Poomsae Championship two weeks ago in Cairo, Egypt, where 56 countries participated.

Poomsae, also known as kata in Japanese and kuern in Chinese, is a choreographed form which combines various footwork, blocks, punches, and kicks into one organized set that conveys the art’s power, speed, grace, and balance.

The Philippine Men’s Poomsae Team composed of Anthony Matias, Brian Sabido and Jean Sabido settled for bronze (8.44, 8.30) with Vietnam (8.73, 8.2) and Laos (8.50, 8.30) taking the gold and silver respectively.

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