Tuesday, October 3, 2017

1st Puregold Christmas Party Held by: James U. Sy Jr.

Managers and employees of Puregold-Bacolod Centroplex Branch in file photo (Gersyl Primavera photo). The 1st Christmas Party of Puregold-Bacolod Centroplex Branch on December 16, 2016 at Shelton Beach, Brgy. Pta. Tay, Bacolod City. The branch opened last July 22, 2016. Managers Rose Y. Lee and Eujames Gelasan led more than 85 employees from 8 departments in celebrating the branch’s very first Christmas party. In the DanSing (dance + sing) competition, the Champion Girls were crowned the champion with their remix number featuring the songs Twerk, Dessert, Jumpshot, Good Boy, Hola Hoop, Trumpets, and Fashionista. The Champion Girls are Gersyl “Ging-Ging” Primavera, Chaztelyn Desamparado, Karla Firmantes, Rocel Pajarillo, Girly Dalaurao, Allen Roque, Lanie Gaviola, Edcelle Pamplona, Angel Melgar, Ann Margarette Diamante, and Carmi Desamparado. The group is so named because their costume is that of Champion Detergent Bar. Judges were Haneli Gelasan and Herchel Lee Best Employee of the Month recognition were also given to the following:Jeffrey Gomez (September), Ronel Catacata (October), Glenn Baykin (November ), and Lanie Gaviola (December).

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