Tuesday, October 3, 2017

“My Love from the Star”: GMA’s Philippine Adaptation Sure to Kilig Fans by: James U. Sy Jr.

Kapuso actor and singer Migo Adecer with the Bacolod media at the conclusion of the “My Love from the Star” press conference on June 12, 2017 at the Planta Hotel (Photography by James G. Toga).
Kapuso actor and singer Migo Adecer at the conclusion of the “My Love from the Star” press conference on June 12, 2017 at the Planta Hotel, Bacolod City (James U. Sy Jr. photo).
Negros Daily Bulletin (NDB) columnist/feature writer James U. Sy Jr. with Kapuso actor and singer Migo Adecer at the conclusion of the “My Love from the Star” press conference on June 12, 2017 at the Planta Hotel, Bacolod City (Photography by James G. Toga). Up and coming Kapuso actor and singer Migo Adecer (born: Douglas Errol Adecer on December 15, 1999) was in Bacolod last June 12, 2017 to promote GMA’s newest teleserye offering, the Philippine adaptation of the internationally acclaimed and highly successful Koreanovela My Love from the Star, during a press conference at the Planta Hotel. Adecer was a part of a bigger Kapuso contingent that performed on that day’s Silay City Charter Day & independence Day Celebration at the Silay Public Plaza. The rest of the GMA stars were Bea Binene, Derrick Monasterio, Kiko Estrada, Bianca Umali, and Miguel Tanfelix of the hit Kapuso telefantasya Mulawin vs Ravena, fresh from their highly successful Kapuso Mall Show in Lucena City, Quezon recently. Adecer first gained prominence for being named the “Ultimate Male Survivor” in the 6th Season of the GMA Network's reality artista search StarStruck in 2015. He was born in Brgy. Mansilingan but was raised in Sydney, Australia, which becomes apparent when he speaks fluent English. It was Philippine diva Kuh Ledesma who discovered Adecer while he was a part of GleeCLUB Australia in 2012 and encouraged him to audition for StarStruck. Adecer remembers that his Philippine singing legend-mentor would ask him to sing for her everyday. Even if they had known each other for some time it was still intimidating for Adecer at times because he always had to give his best performance since his tutor was among those in the top echelon and he has to prove his mettle. Adecer signed an album contract with GMA Records in 2016 and has an upcoming album with five songs, one of which is in Tagalog. He is an accomplished musician as well, admitting he is self-taught in playing drums and guitar. What’s more, he composes his own music and all his songs in album were composed by him. His win in StarStruck opened the door to the showbiz world for him with a 5-year exclusive contract with GMA. His career as an actor was kickstarted with his role as Anthony, originally portrayed by Mark Herras in the original series, in the retelling-sequel of Encantadia in 2016. In the latest GMA offering, the Philippine adaptation of the highly successful Koreanovela My Love from the Star, Adecer will be portraying Yuan Chavez, the brother of Steffi Chavez. Adecer’s role as Yuan Chavez is more challenging for him because it has more exposure than his character as Anthony. He will have scenes where he had an argument with lead star Jennylyn Mercado, which he admitted made him nervous because she was one of the judges in Starstruck 6. \ My Love from the Star is the story of an extra-terrestrial being, Matteo Domingo (portrayed by Kapuso heartthrob Gil Cuerva), who crash-landed on Earth during the Spanish era in the 17th Century and 3 centuries later fell in love with a beautiful, sophisticated, and overly confident popular actress in the modern era, Steffi Chavez (portrayed by Ultimate Star Jennylyn Mercado). Domingo had lived many human lifetimes and lives, waiting for a rescue team from his home planet but when he only had three more months left, he met Steffi and from there their love story unravels. The original South Korean My Love from the Star was broadcast in 21 countries in Asia, Europe,a nd the USA and garnered at least 56 awards and nominations from at least 16 award-granting events in Korea, China, and Japan; GMA Network broadcast the original Korean series in the Philippines. The series was also re-edited into a 2-hour feature-length film by Meng Jiang Wei in the People’s Republic of China. The series was so popular and successful that it has an American, a Thai, and a Philippine remake, the last of which is handled by GMA Network. GMA expects the warm kilig welcome of Filipino fans of the Philippine adaptation because it is nearer to home - the language, the culture, the peculiarities of local romances, the names, the places - and it is expected to capture the hearts of Filipinos because of its not-so-common love story plot. The highly-anticipated Philippine adaptation of My Love from the Star premiered in North America, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe on May 29, 2017 and May 30, 2017 in Asia Pacific, replacing Destined to Be Yours. GMA’s My Love from the Star is directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal and also stars Christian Bautista, Jackie Rice, and an ensemble cast. Can an alien and an earthling have a forever? Find out when you watch .

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