Thursday, February 7, 2008


The San Carlos Jungle Fighters Martial Arts Club (SACA JUFIMAC) of Founder/Chief Instructor Diomedes N. Mamugay dominated the 1st Brgy. Agpangi Invitational Kickboxing Tournament last June 17, 2006 Sitio Galangan, Brgy. Agpangi, Calatrava, Negros Occidental.

The tournament was organized by the Philippine Martial Arts Self Defense Association (PMSDA) of Chief Instructor Bernabe Sarin in cooperation with Brgy. Capt. Lanny Ramas and brgy. officials as part of the St. Anthony de Padua Fiesta Celebration. SACA JUFIMAC won 8 of 11 bouts contested. PMSDA got 2 wins and the remaining bout was a draw.

EXHIBITION BOUT. Reniel Rocamora and Elmer Dialo, both of PMSDA (28 kg.).

38 KG. Sonny Boy Abella of SACA JUFIMAC over Julius Belangel of PMSDA.

40 KG. Jovic Marane of SACA JUFIMAC and Felix Clabario of PMSDA fought to a draw.

45 KG. Juanito Refaso Jr. of SACA JUFIMAC over Christopher Ugdamin of PMSDA.

47 KG. Rene Ortiz of SACA JUFIMAC over Romel Siacor of PMSDA.

50 KG. Angelito Abella of SACA JUFIMAC over Ronald Esparagera of PMSDA.

52 KG. Arcey Fajardo of SACA JUFIMAC over Romel Lamutan of PMSDA.

53 KG. Ronnie Panlaan of PMSDA over Bernie Fernandez of PMSDA.

54 KG. Clemenso Endrina of SACA JUFIMAC over Rolando Ombria of PMSDA.

55 KG. Hundchel Talarion of PMSDA over Jerry Nodnod of SACA JUFIMAC.

56 KG. Fabian Manzano of SACA JUFIMAC over Jonathan Torino of PMSDA.

MAIN EVENT. 2005 national wushu sanshou bronze medalist Johnmar P. Palabrica of SACA JUFIMAC, 57 kg., over San Benito boxing champion Jemrel Apurado of PMSDA, 64 kg., via TKO at 48 seconds in the 1st round

Officials were Founder/Chief Instructor Diomedes N. Mamugay of SACA JUFIMAC (referee), Instructor Nessiday Littao of Najukaju-a, Chief Instructor Bernabe Sarin of PMSDA, Tai Chi Chuan Instructor Enrique Segovia of Escalante, and Founder/Chief Instructor Wilfredo Teleron of White Crane Martial Arts Club/San Carlos (judges), Fitz Berjolano (timer), Rodgen Libunao (emcee), and Teodoro Pardillo (table official).

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