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Grandmaster Dominador “Doming” D. Ferrer, the Founder of the Kalantiaw Defense Society (KDS), passed away on July 17, 2007, 2:00 P.M., at the Doctors Hospital , B.S. Aquino Drive , Bacolod City due a sudden cardiac arrest. He was 86 years old.

Early this year, GM Ferrer was hospitalized after being dizzy while gardening. He was diagnosed with a high BP. Then on July 7, 2007, he complained of pains in his left chest prompting his family to have him checked at the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH). But doctors could not find anything wrong with GM Ferrer. On July 17, 2007, 10:00 P.M., GM Ferer was rushed to the Doctors Hospital . By 2:00 P.M. he had expired.

The vigil for GM Ferrer was held from July 18-22, 2007 at the Chapel F, Rolling Hills Memorial Chapel, Inc., Lacson St. , Bacolod City. Family, relatives, friends, and martial artists flocked to Rolling hills to pay their last respects to GM Ferrer. Interment was last Jul 23, 2007 at the Roselawns Memorial Park with the mass held by Rev. Fr. Emilio Larlar at the Bata Church . Members of the Bantay Bayan brought the casket to its final resting place.

GM Ferrer to the many aspiring Arnisadores was a role model and the embodiment of a real grandmaster. He was always humble and most times would just keep silent. He never made claims of grandeur and always gave a smile to the people around him. Upon deeper inspection, one would discover a person full of wisdom, experience, and love for his fellow men...a gentle giant.

GM Ferrer retired when he was 60 and enjoyed what he does best for the next 27 years of his life. Arnis kept him active, healthy, and happy. While people his age would just sit down at home, GM Ferrer is most times found at martial arts events, 9 or 8 out of 10 every time. Arnis was his life long passion and he strived to impart this Filipino heritage to the next generation of Arnisadores.

He is well loved and respected by the martial arts community. He taught Arnis publicly but chose carefully his students. He didn’t want his skills to be used for something not right. Nevertheless, he was never secretive to those who were deserving of his knowledge.

He was a good friend who gave good advice. He was always there for a helping hand and would often pat one on the back for a job well done. He was always on time and most times, would be at the meeting place even before the designated time.

At his advanced age, he was a health buff, walking distances that would leave a younger but less fit man gasping for air. His grip was stronger than the average teen and he is still fast with the disarms. He advocated non-smoking, non-drinking, non-violence, and respect to one’s fellow men.

He was very loving to his wife and children, having not hurt them even once. He was supportive of them and took care of their needs and problems. Together with his wife, GM Ferrer raised their children well. He was a deeply religious man who did not fail to meet his Sabbath duty.

GM Ferrer was survived by his wife, Margarita Briones Ferrer, their children Freddie B. Ferrer and Monina V. Ferrer, Dominador B. Ferrer Jr. and Marlyn Abella, and Jimmy Ilano and Nora F. Ilano, grandchildren Ernie John V. Ferrer and Rachel D. Ferrer, Jimmy F. Ilano Jr. and Ma. Lourdia N. Ferrer, Gilbert A. Ferrer and Mary Ann Ferrer, Ma. Luisa Ferrer, Kenneth A. Ferrer and Claudine L. Ferrer, Christopher Ferrer, Katherine Ferrer, John Wilfred Ferrer, Jaynor F. Ilano and Jenilyn Ilano, and Elijah Ilano, and great grandchildren Jillian Ilano, Angela, Zoe Gilbert Ferrer, and Angelo Ilano.

Ferrer was born to Eduardo Ferrer, a farmer, and Catalina Dionson on November 25, 1920 in Bacolod City . The young Ferrer had his education at Mabini Elementary School and was a freshman at the Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) before quitting school. He worked at the printing house of his grandfather, Esteban Alemares. The printing skills he would learn from his grandfather would prove to be an asset to Filipino resistance in Negros against the Japanese in World War II.

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