Monday, February 18, 2008


By: James U. Sy Jr.

The 7-player team of the Lightning Scientific Arnis International-Philippine Dynamic Arnis (LSAI-PDA) of Founder/Grandmaster Rogelio H. Galvarole, affiliated with the Lightning Scientific Arnis International-Capiz Chapter of Arnis Commissioner Grandmaster Carlito Ondillo and the Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) of Master Elmer V. Montoyo, took home a 4-9-1 medal harvest in various categories at the 2nd Philippine Olympic Festival (POF) Visayas Regional Qualifying Tournament Arnis Event recently in Iloilo City.

LSAI-PDA Secretary General Rogel Tanjuangco took the championship title in the Seniors Men’s Full Contact Competition (Extra Lightweight). He also took the silver in the Seniors Individual Men’s Single Weapon and the Espada Y Daga Anyo Competitions.

Noe Baldevarona took the silver in the Seniors Men Full Contact Competition (Half Middle Weight).

Alfonso Lahaylahay, along with Tanjuangco and Baldevarona, were crowned champion in the Seniors Team Anyo Competition in the Men’s Espada Y Daga Anyo category and silver in the Mens Single and Double Weapon Anyo Competitions.

Joe Menard Labos took the bronze medal in the Juniors Individual Anyo.

Nerma Destacamento was crowned champion in the Seniors Women’s Full Contact Half Middleweight and Seniors Individual Anyo Women’s Double Weapon Anyo category. She also got the silver in the Seniors Individual Anyo Single Weapon class.

Cheryl Responso got the silver in the Seniors Individual Anyo Women’s Espada Y Daga

Grace Soldevilla, along with Destacamento and Responso, took the silver in 3 categories of the Seniors Team Anyo Competition: Women’s Single Weapon, Women’s Double Weapon, and Women’s Espada Y Daga.

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