Thursday, February 7, 2008


Edwin J. Tusil Sensei, Founder/Chief Instructor of Fight Club Combat and Streetfighting Center, will head the Bacolod Delegation to the Iloilo grappling tournament.

A grappling tournament will be held on February 18, 2006 in Iloilo City. The tournament was originally facilitated by Iloilo Councilor Jed Mabilog in cooperation with the Haligi Foundation but latest reports indicate that the Paraw Regata Committee had taken over the organizing functions.

The competition will be fought in a team format with each team composed of 5 grapplers. Matches will be fought with a gi, much like one would ina sports jiu-jitsu bout.

The Bacolod-based Fight Club Combat and Streetfighting Center of Founder/Chief Instructor Edwin J. Tusil Sensei, a founding member of the Brotherhood of Mixed Martial Artists of Bacolod (B.O.M.B.) and the organizer of the 1st Fight Club Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Challenge “Animosity in Bacolod” last September 24, 2005 and the Fight Club B.R.A.W.L. (Bacolod Reality Amateur Warrior's League) last December 10, 2005, has confirmed its participation in the tournament. However, it has only named three players as of press time: Senior instructors James Emmanuel Infante and Linus Paul Ramos and Senior adviser Mark T. Lusabia.

Infante won his match during the Fight Club VS Jeet Kune Do Talisay Goodwill Mixed Martial Arts Sparring on March 2, 2003. Lusabia won his MMA debut at the Fight Club B.R.A.W.L. It is not yet known if former Palarong Pambansa judo player Ronico D. Despabeladeros will fight again to under the Fight Club banner. Despabeladeros won his grappling match at the Fight Club B.R.A.W.L.

The Iloilo based Tumbatsu of Gilton and Christopher Solis had also expressed their intention to compete in said tournament. Tumbatsu took home a win in the 1st Fight Club Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Challenge courtesy of Rolando Tabano who forced a tapout from John Perry Cesar of Fight Club in the 61-66 kg, category.

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