Thursday, February 7, 2008


Joma Gamboa
Hometown: Bacolod City
World Boxing Association (WBA) interim minimumweight champion (won December 4, 1999)
World Boxing Association (WBA) minimumweight champion (won December 6, 2000)

Francisco "Pancho Villa" Guilledo
Birthrate: August 1, 1901
Birth Place: Ilog
Greatest flyweight in the Philippines (Associated Press)
First world boxing champion from Asia
World flyweight champion (May 18, 1923-July 4, 1925)
One of only four Asians enshrined into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (New York) in 1994
Inducted to the World Boxing Hall of Fame

Eric Jamili
Birthrate: May 20, 1977
Birth Place: Silay City
Hometown: Silay City
World Boxing Organization (WBO) minimumweight champion (December 19, 1997-May 30, 1998)
World Boxing Organization (WBO) intercontinental minimumweight champion (April 30, 1997-
December 19, 1997)

Diosdado “Dodie Boy" Peñalosa
Birthrate: November 19, 1962
Birth Place: San Carlos City
International Boxing Federation (IBF) flyweight champion (February 22, 1987-September 5, 1987)
International Boxing Federation (IBF) light flyweight champion (December 10, 1983-October 12, 1985)
Orient Pacific Boxing Federation OPBF) light flyweight champion (March 18, 1983-October 12, 1985)
First Filipino 2 time world boxing champion

Gerry Peñalosa
Birth Place: Cebu (but people of San Carlos City consider him as one of them)
World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight Champion (February 20, 1997-August 29, 1998)
World Boxing Association (WBA) North American junior bantamweight champion (won June 1999)

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