Thursday, February 7, 2008


With the current phenomenal development, growth and flourishing of the various martial arts in the province, all roads seem to be heading to the island formerly known as Buglas. Over the past few years, different masters and instructors had traveled to Bacolod and/or Negros to introduce and spread their respective arts in the region.

Among these men were Alvin Aguilar of Manila (DEFTAC/Gracie Jiu-jitsu), R. Jun Batobalani Shihan of Urdaneta City (6th dan Aikikai, Dangayan Singkaw-Aikido Shinzui Group), Ramon S. Franco Shihan of Tacloban City (6th dan Philippine Karatedo Federation), Fukakusa, Motohiro Shihan of Thailand (7th dan Aikikai, Aikido Association of Thailand), Director Orlando Garpa of Tigbauan (Philippine Pencak Silat Association), Master Lee of South Korea (7th dan Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Mission Federation), Head Coach Yu Zhi Bo of Beijing, China (Wushu Federation of the Philippines), etc.

The current “Negros Martial Arts Renaissance Era” experienced by the martial arts community is like no other in decades past. Unlike years gone by, more and more arts are being introduced to the public and there is more open mindedness in the study of various arts.

The Renaissance Era also saw the research, revival, systematization, documentation, and popularization of the various indigenous Filipino martial arts including but not limited to the Guarra and Togle styles of modern arnis, Lapu-Lapu Viñas arnis, oido de caburata, original Filipino tapado, Vasquez modified tapado, Yasay sable, etc.

On the other side, many instructors and students of the Filipino martial arts travel to Negros to experience first hand the source of the region’s indigenous arts. Among those who visited in the last few years were Bud Balani of the USA (FMA), Cecile Ferrer of Manila (Kalimasada), Krishna Godhania of UK (warriors escrima), John Lopton of the USA (karate), etc.

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