Thursday, February 7, 2008


The Undo-kan Martial Arts Association of Prof. Efraim T. Beatingo in cooperation with the Victorias City Sports Office Coordinator Gaudencio Corona and GSO Officer Armen Tabligan successfully held the Sipa Sumbag kag Taekwondo sa Victorias IV on January 16, 2005 at the Victorias City Gym, Victorias City. 5 organizations battled in the taekwondo competition while 4 schools competed in 10 kickboxing matches. About 200 spectators witnessed the event.

Crowned champion for the taekwondo division was the Bacolod Consolidated Sports Management Association (BACSMA) of Joel R. Casiple with a 9-8-2 medal haul. The Cadiz Taekwondo of Emilio Barbas (5-3-0), Victorias Taekwondo of Raymundo Lauresta (4-3-3), Manapla Taekwondo of Benjamin “Ben” Jance (3-0-0), and Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-St. Joseph of Joemarie Torocio (0-4-0) were 2nd to 5th places in that order

Crowned champion for the kickboxing division was the Brotherhood Martial Arts Federation (BMAF) of Rustico Pabalinas with 5 wins. The Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main (BFMAA-Main) of Joery C. Amante and the Rainbow Martial Arts-Victorias (RMA-Victorias) of Melchor Garcia were 2nd and 3rd places with 3 and 1 wins respectively. The other team that fielded a player was the North Star. One match was ruled a draw.

TAEKWONDO. Boys Secondary. Eugene Bedayos of BACSMA (1st), Roña Benedicto (2nd); Marco Bagacina of Manapla (1st), Francis Nipras of BFMAA-St. Joseph (2nd); Hernani Tacorda of BACSMA (1st), Aurelio Remar of BFMAA-St. Joseph (2nd); Noel Arcete of Victorias (1st), Howard Flores of BFMAA-St. Joseph (2nd); John Vict Fernando of Victorias (1st), Louis Joseph of BFMAA-St. Joseph (2nd); and Jett Ledesma of Cadiz (1st), Lougemar Espiritu of Victorias (2nd).

Girls Secondary. Queenie Recto of BACSMA (1st), Charming Viñas of Cadiz (2nd); Charity Buenaflor of BACSMA (1st), Nolilyn Mata of Cadiz (2nd); Moryl Tapang of BACSMA (1st), Lanilyn Sagara of Cadiz (2nd); Donnesa Grepalda of BACSMA (1st), Claire Dela Peña of BACSMA (2nd), and Stephanie Uberas of BACSMA (3rd).

Boys Novice. John Anthony Madrigal of BACSMA (1st), Jhon Clinton Batislaon of Victorias (2nd); Renato Padote of Cadiz (1st), Kevin John Mana of Victorias (2nd); Rugel Winda of Victorias (1st), Ray John Alovera of BACSMA (2nd); and Franklin Glen of Victorias (1st), Carl Estoque of BACSMA (2nd).

Girls Novice. Candy Escarellas of Cadiz (1st), Rosetochile Illorin of BACSMA (2nd), Rose Ann Secular of Victorias (3rd); and Donna Mae Gustilo of Cadiz (1st), Ma. Janyn Pedroso of Victorias (2nd).

Boys Advance. Gehro Bedayos of BACSMA (1st), Cejie Badayos of Cadiz (2nd); John Kristoffer Valencia of BACSMA (1st), Moses Añora, of BACSMA (2nd), Hilway Monteroso of Victorias (3rd); Ryan Amisola of Cadiz (1st), Juan Fernando Calvo of BACSMA (2nd), Christian Biantan of Victorias (3rd); Jolito Ruña of Cadiz (1st), Carl Jason Porras of BACSMA (2nd), Tedjay Ibañez of BACSMA (3rd).

Girls Advance. Cristel Joy Kwan of Manapla (1st), May Ann Dooma of Cadiz (2nd); and Jennifer Kwan of Manapla (1st), Richell Fernandez of BACSMA (2nd).

KICKBOXING. Rex Hinayan of BMAF over Nonoy Fama of BFMAA-Main; Jareb Tubebande of Warriors over Warren Mandame of RMA; John Philip Sincero of BFMAA-Main over Raffy Castosiano of RMA; Anthony de Asis of BMAF over Arvin Jardeleza of BFMAA-Main; Warren Bantolo of BMAF over Rhodulf Ivan Sincero of BFMAA-Main; Richard Cuberas of BMAF over Janry Amante of BFMAA-Main; Jhustin de la Cruz of BFMAA-Main over Bensee Bantolo of North Star; Andres Villarmia of BFMAA-Main over Noe Buenaventura of RMA; Judylyn de Café of RMA over Renalyn Jacob of BFMAA-Main; and Nilrax de Café of BMAF over Benny Trayco of BFMAA-Main.

DEMONSTRATIONS. Conceptual Martial Arts Society-Main represented by Founder James U. Sy Jr. and student Khenn Providencia (Lapu-Lapu Viñas arnis) and Supreme Modern Combat of Chief Instructor Ronilo Magbanua (wushu sanshou). The CMAS demo featured Lapu-Lapu Viñas arnis and included solo baston vs doble baston, solo baston vs solo baston, and pangamut. It was the art’s 2nd exhibition in Victorias City.

Felix Feria of the World Taekwondo Mission was senior referee for the taekwondo competition. The kickboxing competition was billed as an elimination for the National Kickboxing Championships by the Kickboxing Association of the Philippines (KAP) on February 18-20, 2005 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila but winners were not able to go to the nationals for one reason or the other.

Sponsors for the tournament were Chief Engr. Jose Beatingo, Hon. Victorias City Sports Office Coordinator/OIC Gaudencio Corona, Danilo Daucla (VRESCO), Hon. Board Member Reynaldo Depasucat, Eduardo Jaruda (Manapla), Hon. Board Member Frederick Manuel Ko, Hon. Gov. Joseph Marañon, Hon. Mayor Severo Palanca, Nelson Sotomil (Victorias Food Corp.), Arch. Toedoro Panisales, Hon. GSO Officer Armen Tabligan, etc.

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