Thursday, February 7, 2008


Grandmaster Norberto “Norbing” A. Mamar promoted 3 individual practitioners of wild judo last October 24, 2005 in Bayawan City, Oriental Negros. Those promoted were Joselito R. Tomulto (master), Ronnie “Nonoy” A. Rocillo (master), and Robennie “Nene” A. Rocillo (instructor).

The newly promoted instructors were students of the late Master Paquito “Pacquit” Rocillo, the father of the younger Rocillos and a student of GM Mamar. GM Mamar made the promotions in light of his deteriorating health. GM Mamar is now living in the mountainous region of Bayawan and is now retired from active teaching. He is also a grandmaster of tapado and is a cousin of the late Grandmaster Romeo “Nono” Mamar of Taloc, Bago City.

The trio, having 79 years of combined martial arts experience, is currently organizing wild judo. The logo of the art has already been designed while the syllabus and the constitution and by-laws are presently drafted.

Wild judo is an empty handed fighting method which borrowed the widely popular Japanese term judo in reference to its use of various indigenous throwing, jointlocking, and other grappling techniques. Wild signifies that the art developed freely like the wild plants that grew in the forest.

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