Thursday, February 7, 2008


Master Joselito R. Tomulto applies a variation of knife defense no. 1 on Instructor Robennie “Nene” A. Rocillo in Bayawan City.

Masters Joselito R. Tomulto and Ronnie “Nonoy” A. Rocillo, and Instructor Robennie “Nene” A. Rocillo, all of Bayawan City, had recently announced plans to organize and formalize wild judo, the empty handed art of locking and throwing, as founded and taught by Grandmaster Norberto “Norbing” A. Mamar.

This came about after GM Mamar had been staying in the mountains for several months now. They believe that for wild judo to grow it has to be formalized and made more accessible to the general public.

The initial plan is the certification of licensed instructors of the art. The logo has already been designed while the constitution and by-laws are currently being drafted. A syllabus will soon be drafted.

Wild judo was founded by GM Mamar, who taught it to the Rocillo’s father, the late Master Paquito “Pacquit” Rocillo, who then taught it to the above mentioned instructors. The trio always had studied under GM Mamar.

Wild judo is an empty handed fighting method which borrowed the widely popular Japanese term judo in reference to its use of various indigenous throwing, jointlocking, and other grappling techniques. Wild signifies that the art developed freely like the wild plants that grew in the forest.

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