Thursday, February 7, 2008


Wushu Federation of the Philippines (WFP) National Head Coach Yu Zhi Bo of Beijing China (right) parries a jab from Sherwin G. Nuñesco of the Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main.

Wushu Federation of the Philippines (WFP) National Head Coach Yu Zhi Bo of Beijing China conducted the 1st Bacolod Wushu Sanshou Seminar under the sanction of the WFP and with the sponsorship of the Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main (BFMAA-Main) of Chief Instructor Joery C. Amante on July 12-13, 2003 at the Tapondo International Federation Inc. (TIFI) Negros Chapter Headquarters, 3/F Golden Heritage Bldg., San Juan St., Bacolod City. Around 40 martial artists representing 16 organizations were in attendance.

Accompanying National Head Coach Yu Zhi Bo were National Secretary General Edwin Pimentel and Region 6 Head Coach Arnold S. Tinagan of the Iloilo Tinagan Martial Arts Club Inc. (ITMACI). National Coach and action star Tsing Tong Tsai of Baguio was scheduled to arrive but did not make it.

The seminar was historic in that 1) it was the first seminar by WFP on wushu sanshou and taolu in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental and 2) the first seminar to be taught by the National Head Coach of the federation in the city and the province.

Head Coach Yu Zhi Bo, who is a classmate of Chinese martial arts superstar Jet Li Lian-Jei at the Chinese government-run wushu training academy in Beijing, introduced participants to the basics of wushu sanshou - from training and strengthening parts of the body to the basic tools of fighting and to the skills necessary to apply those tools. He showed some basic ma bo (stances), punches, kicks, breakfalls, throws, and a short form (wu po chien). He also discussed the international wushu sanshou rules for competition.

Instructors present include Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado Sensei (Conceptual Martial Arts Society), Felix Altarap Sensei (Yaming Arts/St. Joseph High School Martial Arts Club), Boy Alvarez (Shinsei Aikido Society), Joery C. Amante Sensei (BFMAA-Main), Marulyn Canoy Sensei (Supreme Modern Combat), Joel R. Casiple (Bacolod Consolidated Sports Management Association), Engr. Arnulfo Feguroa (Iloilo Tinagan Martial Arts Club Inc.), Roy R. Flores Sr. Sensei (Tapondo International Federation Inc.), Humberto Ginete Sensei (Renzoku Martial Arts Academy), Master Elmer V. Montoyo (Philippine Integrated Martial Arts Academy-Filipino Tang Soo Do Association), Elmer P. Montoyo Jr. Kyosanim (PIMAA-FTSDA), James U. Sy, Jr. Sensei (CMAS/ Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis Aficionados Association), and Jorim “Nene” C. Valencia Kyosanim (Kimdo Martial Arts Organization).

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