Thursday, February 7, 2008


Grandmaster Jose D. Caballero (1907-1987)

Chief Training Director Ireneo “Eric” Olavides

Training Director Romeo Paradero of Ozamis City

Training Director Ruel Tubang of Dumaguete City

Prof. Ireneo “Eric” Olavides recently formalized the hierarchical structure of the Eskrima de Campo JDC-IO system by making official the appointments of Romeo Paradero and Ruel Tubang as Training Directors for the group’s Ozamiz and Dumaguete Chapters respectively.

Other appointments made were Senior Trainer for FMA researcher/writer Celestino C. Macachor (Cebu and Lapulapu Chapters); Trainer for Hon. Henry Teves (Dumaguete Chapter), Edwin "Al" Cuizon (Cebu City Chapter), Mon Rivera (Manila Chapter), and Jason Autajay, Lloyd Bandonillo, Marlon Mendoza, and Ron Velonza (Los Angeles Chapter); and Team Captain and Asst. Team Captain for Erwin Almagro and Arnel Medrano respectively (Lapulapu Training Group). Mamerto "Mert" Altares of Saudi Arabia is Lifetime Honorary Member.

Prof. Olavides, who refuses to be called a grandmaster, is the Chief Training Director for the Eskrima de Campo JDC-IO system. He started training in De Campo Uno-Dos-Tres Orihinal under its founder Grandmaster Jose D. Caballero (1907-1987) in 1968. He later taught Law Enforcement Subjects and Defensive Tactics for the College of Criminology at Misamis University.

GM Caballero, who was born in Toledo City, used this long range style of eskrima to defeat other eskrimadors in duels and was declared as the undisputed Juego Todo champion of his era. For further reading please see the Eskrima de Campo JDC-IO system Website at

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