Thursday, February 7, 2008


The Guarra Style Modern Arnis and Self Defense Association (GSMASDA) of Grandmaster Estanislao “Eslao” T. Guarra had expressed its intention to support the upcoming 2006 Arnis Day Grandmasters, Masters, and Seniors National Invitational arnis Championships this coming March 19, 2006 at the Bacolod City Public Plaza.

Organizer of the event is Grandmaster Hortencio Navales of the SEC registered Bacolod Negros Arnis Federation International Inc. (BNAFII).

Grandmaster Eslao Guarra, a renowned saber foil expert from the South, will be joined by his brother, Grandmaster Isaac “Saac” T. Guarra, the Founder/Headmaster of Arjuka-Malingin. The elder Eslao Guarra serves as Vice President for South Negros in the Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF) of Col. Atty. Grandmaster Marcelo C. Jalandoon, Ph.D., of Talisay City while GM Saac Guarra is a Board Director.

The Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF) through its President Grandmaster Jalandoon, according to Grandmaster Navales, has expressed its intention to support the affair. The NOBF had previously promoted a number of arnis tournaments itself in the last few months, among them the Ultimate Stickfighting Championships last December 11, 2005 at Gaisano City Bacolod Supermall and the 1st Talisay City Baston Tournament last January 31, 2005 in Talisay City.

The Negros United Fighting Arts Academy (NUFAA) of Grandmaster Jose “Joe” Mancesa and the Oido de Caburata Arnis Group (ODCA) of Grandmasters Abraham and Sabas T. Gubaton were also invited by GM Navales but said groups have yet to confirm participation.

GM Navales is expecting the success of this year’s Arnis Day celebration because he has personally invited the various eskrimadors from different parts of Negros Occidental.

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