Thursday, February 7, 2008


Various martial arts demonstrations were hosted by the HNHS Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) on February 23, 2006 at the Handumanan National High School, Brgy. Handumanan, Bacolod City in celebration of MAPEH Month.

Tapondo International Federation, Inc. (TIFI) under Roy R. Flores sensei, 4th degree black belt, was one of the invited presentors. Flores’ Sensei’s black belts demonstrated a wide spectrum of martial arts skills.

Jojo Reboquio presented kicking defense with Jery Mark Dela Cruz while Jessie Necesito showed various defenses against the stick with Jared Turbanos. HNHS CAT Facilitator Alson Ahunin demonstrated hold up defenses against Jared Turbanos

Ms. Miko Shimoda was the perfect presentor for cellphone snatching defense and multiple attackers defense. Bong Bersales, Jessie Necesito, and Jared Turbanos acted as her attackers.

Alan Facturan of TIFI showcased grappling with Bong Bersales while stickfighting competitors Jezrel Bugna and Jared Turbanos demonstrated arnis.

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