Thursday, February 7, 2008


Fight Club Senior Adviser Cargeoren T. Lusabia tries to apply an ankle lock as Ricardo "Ric" Valdes manuevers for an excape.

BOMB Marketing Management Chairman James U. Sy Jr. of the Conceptual Martial Arts Society conducted the 1st Bacolod BOMB Mixed Martial Arts Seminar Orientation under the sanction of the Brotherhood of Mixed Martial Artists of Bacolod (BOMB) on January 11, 2004 at the 3F Eagle’s Gym, Whale Shipping Corporation (WSC) Bldg., San Sebastian-Locsin Sts., Bacolod City. 11 instructors and 15 players representing 8 organizations and Sun Star Bacolod Sports Correspondent Fernelle C. Rodriguez were in attendance.

Discussed were the rules for the upcoming 1st Gaisano-BOMB Mixed Martial Arts Eliminations and Expo Tournament on February 1 at the Gaisano City Bacolod Supermall. Sy drafted Version 1 of the BOMB Amateur MMA Rules at the request of the founder of BOMB. Screening for players was also held at the end of the seminar.

Joery C. Amante Sensei (Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main), Edilberto “Bert” A. Arcositas Sensei (Bertar Karate Kan), Roy R. Flores Sr. Sensei (Warriors Club), James Emmanuel B. Infante (FC), Chester Laquian (Bacolod BJJ), Cargeoren T. Lusabia Sensei (Fight Club), Mark T. Lusabia Sensei (Fight Club), Renny S. Tolentino Sensei (FC), and Edwin J. Tusil Sensei (FC) were among those present.

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