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The Wushu Federation of the Philippines-Negros Occidental in cooperation with Campus Radio successfully held the 1st All Negros Wushu Sanshou Qualifying Tournament for the Philippine National Championships on November 9, 2003 at the Negros Occidental (Onyok Velasco) Multi-Purpose Gym, Bacolod City. 22 martial artists representing 7 organizations from Bacolod City, Hinobaan, and Victorias City saw action in 15 bouts for titles in 5 seniors and 1 juniors weight categories. The competing organizations were supported by 6 other martial arts academies. About 300 spectators were in attendance.

Overall champion was Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main (BFMAA-Main) of WFP Negros Occidental Coordinator Joery C. Amante Sensei with 4 titles won. Hinoba-an Martial Arts Society (HMAS) of Coach Anthony Nuñesco and Rainbow Martial Arts-Victorias Chapter (RMA-Victorias) of Instructor Melchor Garcia were tied at 2nd place with a title won each.

The other competing organizations were E.A.S. Tracma Knights (ETK) of Rene Javelosa Sensei, Golden Falcon (GF) of July Tortogo Sensei, Supreme Modern Combat (SMC) of Marulyn Canoy Sensei, and Warriors Club (WC) of Roy R. Flores Sensei.

The supporting organizations were Bacolod Consolidated Sports Management Association (BACSMA) of Joel R. Casiple, Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS) of James U. Sy Jr. Sensei and Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado Sensei, Iloilo Tinagan Martial Arts Club Inc. (ITMACI) of Arnold S. Tinagan Sensei, Manapla Tang Soo Do (MTSD) of Coach Benjamin “Ben” Jance, Philippine Integrated Martial Arts Academy-Filipino Tang Soo Do Association (PIMAA-FTSDA) of Master Elmer V. Montoyo, and Tapondo International Federation Inc.-Negros Occidental Chapter (TIFI-Negros) of Roy R. Flores Sensei.

JUNIORS 48 KG. Nildax de Cape of RMA-Victorias over Jet Lumawag of BFMAA-Main via unanimous decision (final).

SENIORS 48 KG. Benny Trayco of BFMAA-Main over Raymund Marquez of ETK (final).

SENIORS 52 KG. Melvin Ciokon of SMC over Sherwin G. Nuñesco of BFMAA-Main (semifinal). Raynor Guilarda of BFMAA-Main over Patrick Barrera of SMC (semifinal). Guilarda over Ciokon by forfeit (overage) in the finals.

SENIORS 56 KG. Eros Nuñesco of HMAS over Raffy de la Peña of SMC (semifinal). Andres Villarmia of BFMAA-Main over Eros de la Fuente of ETK (semifinal). Romulo Cañete Jr. of BFMAA-Main over Dennis Villacrusis of SMC (semifinal). Villarmia over Nuñesco by retirement (could not continue); teammate Cañete gave way (final).

SENIORS 60 KG. Christian Plantinos of BFMAA-Main over Leeward Tilad of WC (semifinal). Terence Lou Monte Castro of WC over Jeryme Solidarios of ETK (semifinal). Plantinos over Monte Castro by retirement (final).

SENIORS 65 KG. 4 time Dumaguete western boxing champion (1999-2002) Leoneil Nunesco of HMAS over Henry Poja of SMC (semifinal). Adriano Agabon of GF over Remus Tembrevilla of HMAS (semifinal). Nuñesco over Agabon via KO (final). Leoniel Nuñesco was adjudged the best fighter of the tournament having registered the only KO of the event.

EXHIBITION. Tapondo International Federation Inc.-Negros Occidental Chapter (TIFI-Negros).

Officials were WFP-Negros President Joery C. Amante Sensei of BFMAA-Main, Marulyn Canoy Sensei of SMC, WFP-Negros VP Joel R. Casiple of BACSMA, WFP Region 6 Secretary General/WFP-Negros Treasurer Engr. Arnulfo Figueroa of ITMACI, Roy R. Flores Sensei of WC/TIFI, Rene Javelosa of ETK, Ronilo Magbanua Sensei of SMC, WFP-Negros Business Manager Elmer V. Montoyo Sabumnim of PIMAA-FTSDA, and WFP Region 6 Head Coach Arnold S. Tinagan Sensei of ITMACI (judges); Head Coach Tinagan, Magbanua Sensei, and Javelosa Sensei (referees); WFP Iloilo Coordinator Girlie Tinagan of ITMACI (jury); WFP-Negros PIO James U. Sy Jr. of CMAS (assistant jury); ITMACI Secretary Ligaya Rowa (tabulator); Master Montoyo of PIMAA-FTSDA and Benjamin “Ben” Jance of MTSD (timekeepers).

Guests from the martial arts community include Joy T. Divinagracia Kyosanim and Jorim “Nene” Valencia Kyosanim of Kimdo Martial Arts Organization (KMAO), Grandmaster Dominador “Doming” D. Ferrer and Master Romy Berlanas of Kalantiaw Defense Society (KDS), Elmer P. Montoyo Jr. Kyosanim of PIMAA-FTSDA, Grandmaster Jerson “Nene” Tortal of Philippine Arnis Kali Eskrima Martial Arts Federation International Inc., and Joe Valencia Sensei of Atleta Karate-do.

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